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So you know the thing that we the thing that we have to get back to Nathan. The thing that we have not seen, though, is any real conversation about what his treatment has looked like. So he told Ethan, I don't remember what the time frame was of how long before he told isa he had gotten that diagnosis. But we don't know anything about like, is he working with the therapist? Is he on medication? And we also, at least at this point, I think can kind of be certain or at least a good guess that Issa may be the only one and maybe Andrew who we really haven't seen or have not seen at all this season are the only ones who know about this diagnosis. And so, you know, we hear Nathan say like I want people to see me for who I am now, not who I was then. But he actually hasn't told his cousin in his wife about what is happening, right? And so he hasn't informed them. And I think that's because he doesn't see them the way they are now. What do you mean? Ironically enough. They kicked you out of the house. And you won't be vulnerable enough to be like, hey, this is what was going on at that time. I don't know that he feels like they fostered a sense that a space that allows him to be vulnerable either. Yeah. So I guess I'm just like, well, you want them to see you differently, but you know, there's really been no new influent. I mean, isa didn't even know that these people lived here. And they visited. So, that means that you have not been visiting with him. And certainly not visiting with him in a way that you talk about it. And maybe they were avoiding him as much as he was avoiding them or what have you because, you know, all this lovely water on the fridge? Yeah. You make a good point there. Yeah, and it seems like again what Nathan thinks he's communicating is not actually what's being communicated because they're not actually talking. So in my mind, it feels like maybe he invited the cousin and his wife to this barbecue or whatever to show that he's reliable now, right? Like I got my stuff together. And so now they will just see that I'm different and not flaky, quote unquote, like I was when I live with them. So is there anything else that we haven't covered on this idea of not being able to change how other people perceive us? Because Nathan, I think says that a couple of times in this episode and Issa agrees. Like this idea that you might be a new person, but other people might not see you that way. Or they're a suggestions you have around how to reconcile this past you with this present you. Honestly, the part where Issa said about waiting for the other shoe to drop. I was just like, if that ain't your past self in your current self yelling, one of the Spider-Man meme. Hard..

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