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Everton could've fucking sat back and defended again. But that's not what Marco Silva professes and I fuck with that. So heavy. Those pool, Liverpool score five concede to three, whatever it makes for fun. Soccer makes the players really wanna play for you. And granted, they were exposed this time. Wolverhampton snuck in rows Jiminez. Got that equalizing goal and best game on Saturday. Yep. Putting best game of the weekend. I would put. Yeah, I'd probably best game with the weekend, best competitive vest. Competitive of the weekends. I agree with that. Absolutely. We've onto Sunday Southampton Burnley not much talk about the only the goal is game of the weekend. The first goal is game season. No, Nell, but it's Burnley so and seldom and Southampton, like where the goals coming from folks, Sam, Vokes, Sam, Vokes, I got you. Let's move on to a game that had a lot of goals though Liverpool versus West Ham and more in you lost some money on this game, didn't you? Did I lost the next told you, I told you, you're crazy for taking this bet, but I know the United fan and you. I knew. I mean, half of it was the United fan of me. I had to bet against Liverpool city, but the other, the other part of me thought that Liverpool might get smacked in the face a little bit. They're riding high. The media loves them. Everybody loves them. So laws, the king of the town. Back to reality goes gravity monkey Getty, mom, spaghetti, mom's spaghetti, mom, spaghetti. My mom's spaghetti moms Getty, and so I'm thinking they're going to get smacked back to reality, but might be their actual reality at took mohamed-salah AK, everybody's favorite player right now nineteen minutes to score his first Premier League goal. And then it was just like he opened a can of war. Uh-huh. Fucking Liverpool dominated the shit out like every single player at every single position on Liverpool looked amazing and I got speak about two midfielders James Milner, amazing this midfielder kinda will. Yeah, no midfielder by trade. Then he was converted to a left bag. Now he played in the midfield again now he's back. Welcome back. Had some stitches on his head did not care, put on the black headband completely dominated and had Chris passing him and Kia, and the midfield I was I've never. I've been so excited to watch Catta because he's been so hype about him over the past year. All of this first game, I'm a big fan. I like him a lot back to their new goalkeeping situation and I just don't go through all the positions defensively didn't really have much to do the whole game. It was just pretty much to Liverpool press. Show. Virgil, Van Dyke was just, you know, chilling Alison really much to do again. Trent Alexander and Rover Sohn. Love them..

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