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C. B. T. eight twenty where facts matter just arrived in the US but will face another period of quarantine in California and Texas was wonder will Ripley reports United States is doing is and you know the same as what other countries are doing and they're now going to be repatriating their citizens Canada will be sending a plane and later this week to fly its citizens to a resort where they will write out of fourteen a quarantine in Australia they'll be sending a flight they'll be they'll be quarantine for fourteen days in a mining camp accommodations in a mining camp nicer than it sounds I think we also know that I South Korea Italy and other countries they're following suit as well General Motors says is pulling out of Australia New Zealand and Thailand it's all part of a strategy to exit markets that they say don't produce adequate returns on investments and written statement the company insists level wind down sales engineering and design operations force historic Holden brand in Australia and New Zealand by twenty twenty one world authorities are concerned about the spread of the deadly coronavirus on CBS's face the nation National Institute of infectious diseases director Dr Anthony Fauci said the crisis is close to being a pandemic pandemic is when you have multiple countries throughout the world that have a school system aimed transmission from person to person to person multiple generations right now there are twenty four countries in which there are over five hundred cases several of them are starting to get to the second and third transmission so technically speaking the WHL wouldn't be calling this a global pandemic but it certainly is on the verge of that happening reasonably soon unless containment is more successful than it is right now Daytona five hundred postponed until today because of rain at the Florida track Sunday as Kerr says the race will resume at four PM eastern time I'm only at Francis the sea Chicago's progressive talk eight twenty eight AM W. C. P. T. willow springs and online at W. C. P. T. twenty dot com where facts matter the actions of the trump presidency dishonorable fat as it presents the trail of office national security the integrity of our elections for the house of representatives actual impeachment inquiry you're listening to WC PC twenty because facts matter W. CBG is proud to support labor unions on the hard working middle class join me as I welcome respected labor leaders to the Jonas was either show each week for our union strong segment will get their perspective on current events local and national politics and how labor unions are more relevant today than ever thank you to our valued labor partners be a C. H. E. C. district council one smart to sixty five painters district council fourteen and IBEW local one thirty four this is John Daniel.

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