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I._t. Five places hi answer by sean in the fee for world rankings tells you what you need tonight <hes> but they have lost postage croatia and hungary but i pushed by sides in those games it's more than can be said for azerbaijan who already conceded ten goals in qualifying process but i have actually scored in offering afraid to face and there's plenty of attacking quality own show you go gareth violence. He said he's an excellent foreman. An interesting one for us by dina moscow forward rahmael shadayev is being in <hes> in pretty good form and his qualifying campaign might want to keep an eye on the goal scoring markets yuk-sai wiles to win and by team school britain <hes> mixing up a little bit just quickly bronco ronrico <hes> the first goalscorer market there because i'm sure gary bauer is going to be mega. Mega show is a four to one. I go score garb and james six to under james could show we'll move on then scotland versus brussels on friday not group or give some processes <hes> for that one place brought scotland are nine five dropped fifteen to eight and russia are six to four. How did you see it going. It's difficult to predict this one <hes> scotland ednid- four points from their two games against show home and away if they are to qualify from this group. I think it's hard not to campaign hasn't gone well for them at all so fairly start off with a tree defeat veto a khazakstan unconvincing to win over some reno steve clark was brought into place. Mcleish is a great manager but it is hard to have an instant impact international football. They labors hurts to relate to on win over slavers for adrenal vs am against belgium. There's no doubt there's a group of you'll entitled to the players. Their champions league winners are captain and andre robertson ryan fraser zerkalo mcgregor james forrest john kenny maclean starts village season so think steve clark's job now is to get these players gel create some teams spirits and still some believe the squad what they can win games in our heart disease and reconnect with the fans get a bulls going around hunting pack again and it's hard while russia are what's colin team's gonna show we'll both teams are quite inconsistent so a look odds against and i will go for both teams to score. It's eleven ten at houses. It's only click twice in the ten games that these two sides the played in the end the groups so far but they've been more one-sided fixtures so i think what the players i've mentioned there for scotland. They should score a goal and russia players will cause problems. This is well dennis cherish of and artem site zoo and so i think it'd be todd row. Teams both teams score eleven to ten for me yeah. Thanks one could be competitive. One lamp talk out. I mean looking at again the fee for drank thing that can be a good indication. Sometimes i'm surprised to see that russia arnie one place above scotland in in those in forty six nick which seemed quite light down for me but i still think i think it'll be more nights full golfing quality when these to play charge would russia could bet <hes> bought himself. Steve clocks a huge job on his hands. If gotland qualify from this group losing the nuts to kazakhstan in a manner they did was just absolutely unforgivable of not steve clark's doing but nonetheless. I stay go along way to come back from that. Were uninspiring and he's slender. Wins is san marino inside person. They're required a nineteen th minute we know too so i'd is a nice concerning when you're having to play <hes> play russia you compare that with russia who in their win over cyprus authority dominant twenty-five shot sixty five seven possession and <hes> and be <hes> kazakhstan and san marino four now and nine new <hes> so so they've being you know good to get stronger against teams in scotland have <hes> and of course some quality. Let's see in final-status. Brian touched upon autumn's you alex golovin and anti-iran shook. We can't remember we can't forget how they put in a good display in the world cup. <hes> <hes> and i think also of scotland the absence of griffiths is just being returning so goalscoring phone seats that bright from football <hes> having having.

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