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93.1 kfbk. Sunshine today. A high around 98 degrees in the valley tomorrow, the higher on 99 degrees, and then Christine on Wednesday it starts to cool down with a high of about 90 degrees. Okay. Weather report brought to you by service champions. Let's get over to news from your neighborhood and I like this story. I would eat tacos with anyone is anyone I love tacos as well. It's coming out of later. Times Herald to the flight. Vallejo Police Department is hosting tacos with a cop that's happening Saturday, September 25th at service club. Parts of the police and community event will feature canine and drone demonstrations. Resource and recruiting bills and a live SWAT truck viewing. So it is more of a festival because there would be music there as well. And food and raffle giveaways, meets the police officers and enjoy a meal. It's a good idea. Good idea. Reform. California Chairman Carl DeMaio has done an interview. We've got the last day of the recall campaign going on today says Republicans have a shot at winning the recall election. Okay, Quote. We're expecting a David versus Goliath fight. It's always been that way in California Democrats have an overwhelmingly nearly 2 to 1 advantage over Republicans in terms of voter registration. But Gavin Newsom, he says, has really been that bad of a governor that he has put together this coalition of disaffected Californians who want change. I don't Well, they've opened up a double digit lead. Governor Newsom has so if you believe the polling Yes, that's true. That's been wrong before. Yes, it has. We shall see. 16 comes to mind. We saw this last night out of Southern California. So interesting. So a woman goes to, um, to vote the recall election She walks up And the person behind the counter says You have already voted. And she said, no, I'm not sudden. No. And you know what? She's not the only one that that happened to at that place, right? Right. So we've got audio clips on this story that we're going to roll out for you momentarily. All news all the way. Home news, Weather and traffic kfbk Afternoon news with Kitty O'Neil Know what's happened to my city building a better Sacramento when I need to know every.

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