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Publicly denied any conflict of interest between her activism and her husband's work Clarence Thomas was the only Supreme Court Justice who voted against releasing White House records on the January 6th attack to congressional investigators Coach Kay's putting off retirement for at least one more game Jeremy roach with two late baskets to help duke rally to a 78 73 win over Texas tech and the sweet 16 Blue devil fans couldn't be happier It's almost as long as I've been alive I just think we'll never see another coach like him And so it's just fun to be a part of history Duke faces Arkansas tomorrow after the razorbacks upset number one Gonzaga 74 to 68 This is CBS News Need to hire you need indeed just sponsor a post and receive a short list of quality candidates whose resumes on indeed match your job description Is it indeed dot com slash credit 5 O three now and it's Friday march 25th Hartley sunny for you today and on the cooler side too our highs near 60 Good morning I'm Joan Jones along with Bruce Allen and the top local story we're following this hour and Alexandria Mann claims he was assaulted by participants of the people's convoy during a demonstration last week This happened last Wednesday afternoon on three 95 in D.C. The man who only wants to go by Logan amidst the WTO had started after he joined Other folks in traffic and flipping off the truckers Next he claims he stopped between two trucks on his motorcycle after one member of the convoy opened a door trying to hit him Eventually he says after a heated exchange of words participants from elsewhere in the convoy showed up in one of those individuals Grabs my key out of my ignition and I basically as soon as he did that I grabbed for him because I wanted my property back And this is my arm was outraged They grabbed me and pulled me off the motorcycle dropping the motorcycle In a live stream from a convoy participant with the username on YouTube of SaaS neck some convoy members claimed he laid down the bike in front of the trucks and walked off Logan refutes that Then a voice can be heard saying.

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