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Every night about this time to give you a little something, something that could be a rant or could be a rave, But it's always something good that we like to call. Freddie and fit. Seven's the last word. Alright brother Ian Fitzsimmons on this late Tuesday early Wednesday. What is your last word? Before I even get to it. What do I go with you after the show? Four versus Ferrari Kill Bill Volume one Ford versus Ferrari. Better movie. Very underrated movie. Yeah, and two story. Yes, definitely. Based on a true story. There's a lot of truth in that movie. I'm like Kill Bill. Volume one buying 2 30 0. Truth kill Bill. I know that, but Anyway. A look with no NFL combine and this is something Albert Breer told us about last week from Monday morning quarterbacking outside I come. This is something now that the senior Bowl which is going on right now. The actual game on Saturday. It's great for fans. But when it comes to evaluating talent And the Senior Bowl right now, this week to NFL executives and scouts and Position coaches. This Is it talking to two different coordinators in the NFL today, Freddy when you and I spoke earlier They both text me back sand. This week is so much more important because we can't get the same time at the combine. So I mean, I mean, watching Ben Mason against tough Borland and Titan. But can we please stop bullets not to have his head about Bob up and down when he's chasing somebody. They were way too late for that, my friend. Yeah. I mean, that's when you're really struggling, but anyway Thies air kind of matchups where every NFL scout is looking at and evaluating to the EMP degree Now because of the combine not being there this year, so If your die hard NFL in college football fan, your two worlds have collided and this is not a combine. This is the most important week for your NFL team and your scouts and your coaches to be evaluating town..

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