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So that everyone can feel like they're accomplishing something and no one will say that you hard i can't do it now if you do that though the elite performers the serious runners aren't gonna sign up for that race because it's not a challenge not interesting to them there's no actual competition right they're going to be insulted that everybody gets a trophy if you want to ask that organized they're not find it everybody gets involved but who were my best performers you know if you're a college scouting four teams or increasing elite performance now uab only one thirty percent of the people to come home with a medal and you're gonna increase entrance feat so you're what you as the organiser wind changes the competition and that will then change who is willing to compete in the first place let's talk about the everybody gets the truth you still some people talked about the allott over the last several years and uh you everybody has their opinion my opinion is yeah i'm sure you do ma my opinion is that that it hurts more than it helps um but but how does it hurt i mean the accepted demotivate people what else does it do well i should say i hate programmes where everybody gets a trophy i hate them this hate them and i actually was switzerland i was new rule before having written you know actually to books relating to motivation one was about kids when it's about competition and i really didn't go in heating a the science but i had learned stotts would actually catalase my profound hatred of it.

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