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Precisely what the Senate minority has done from president trump's very first day in office as of September of this year the Senate has been forced to invoke cloture on two hundred and thirty six trump nominees each of those representing its own massive consumption of legislative time meant only to delay the inevitable confirmation how many times was cloture invoked on nominees during president Obama's administration seventeen over eight years and how about the second president bush's first term four times it is reasonable to wonder whether a future president will actually be able to form a functioning administration if his or her party does not hold the Senate they go just above part of where he was you know headed up on over over the weekend talking to the Federer society national lawyers convention but made it clear that he does recognize what is going on in this country and it will be interesting to see hello Democrats were screaming it was partisan Democrats were screaming that it was political conservatives were screaming one always factually accurate it is what has happened if he's not factually accurate then you may be able to hit a month something as as I told you I went on with the investigation zero right around the corner a little bit uncomfortable but I can't say that he was lying or not telling the truth or being political I can see how can be viewed as being political in the times that we live in but he was actually being factually accurate on everything which she is yeah I mean it it it always gets back to the fact checking right because leave it to the liberal media to run out and fact checked something that anything anybody in this administration sets by the way that that was Attorney General William Barr for just to that and it's when you look at it for the fax he didn't say anything wrong now then I would expect you know and and and that in a speech that he gave on Friday is separate from any of his actions that may come you know from any investigations through Durham or otherwise I expect each of those cases to be just as factual and I can't say that for for any of our so when it comes down to it there are the indictments and all that starts to come down because most people believe now I believe that there will be some indictments who will be what will the charges be how far will they go with it that's going to be up to a grand jury that's going to be up to Durham and and his part in this investigation and the Attorney General so we'll see where that lance but any of it any case big or small needs to be based on again the facts and evidence and they're going to have to make a case acting Attorney of former acting Attorney General master Whitaker was on the store with Martha McCallum on fox news and he said I think it's going to demonstrate to people the IG report that people took advantage of the FISA court system process where there's no nobody on the other side to argue in their own interest and I think we're going to learn a lot about not only the Carter page FISA warrant but how they do business generally way and I think some Americans are gonna be troubled by what the inspector general is ultimately going to our reporting else reacted to an interview clip of former CIA director John Brennan whose actions during the Obama administration appear to be at the center of the out of coming report I don't think it's surprising at all that we continue to hear the socio path ramblings of Mr trump claiming that there was an effort to try to prevent him from being elected or to unseat him Brennan said on MSNBC this past April and I welcome any type of you know continue investigation in terms of what we did during the period of time we were in government they play that already that video form and he said I watched an interview one thought he seemed awfully defensive for somebody that should have nothing to be concerned about would occur sort of a a Brandon so we're going to see we're going to learn a lot in the next couple of weeks which is I think was at the speech that I made that comment not back in April that that was that the speech that that I commented on Savoy brown ensure seems worried here so you know and and he got more more defensive as it went along but I just I want to bring this up because it when we are at the bottom the our budget just popped into my head and I and I did some Google search represented McCarty the minority leader in accused Adam Schiff of lying about the whistle blower should never responded now no we didn't should never responded and he said yep he's light he knows and and not by the way the media has been pounded on McCarthy nobody has it's almost as if everybody knows shift is lying but just won't talk about it well I think this is the this has been the great risk for the Democrats all along we've been talking about this when when it came out when it was determined that he was lying an end to major lies in a row not that he had credibility before but he now is that less than zero for yeah zero now he's got less than zero and that we came I think a liability for the Democrats and we wondered okay where do you go I mean do you send it over to the house Judiciary Committee you know you have this over you know to Nadler not just we get keep the barrel and make a make it all washes fault of it all blows up well but think about that they gave him even more power so it's funny because over this past weekend Nancy Pelosi the speaker in that CBS face the nation interview seven again if you were reading between the lines what she was saying no no no no trump is guilty and he should show up and defend himself and blah blah and then they got into other areas about the impeachment proceedings well that's up to the committee I'm I'm leaving the committee to do their jobs what she's saying is this is on Adam Schiff and if he's going to proceed here if he's going to go on with this then he's going to have to well the the the burden is on him to to go through this and make it work or not you you showed me the the New York times overture to the New York Post article that had the picture of ninety three days which is that that they actually show not in the house hearing room yeah which was the end it was from last Wednesday I believe right Wednesday morning which is the number of days that Adam Schiff has known about the whistle blower so they're making it public the media sees it everybody sees it he comes out then and says nope I have no idea who the whistle blower is then Kevin McCarthy calls him a liar afterwards nothing right nobody were how dare mentality calls with nobody says that why is it accepted that it's okay for Adam Schiff to lie about anything or do you just hope that no one listens to the Republicans so we won't respond because the more we respond the more we engage the worse it is for us we just don't cover the story right if we just don't cover ed nobody will know it right wow but yeah that was before they began Wednesday morning those there were three signs total over on the Republican side one of them was this big ninety three in that stood for the number of days that he knew the identity of the was which is why McCarty when he was dead it was like half time right it was in our mission when the media asking that was one of the first questions right yep you really bees line yep yeah so they'll know what yeah they'll know what's out there know why ask him what you gonna you gonna print it can make a big deal out of it right is there a headline is Adam Schiff line or not about the whistle blower should that should that about a lead story in every major newspaper every political major newspaper on the in in the United States or did they think they were closing it when they gave when The Washington Post gave him for for Nokia's they think well that's enough we've done our work we we it week we caught him on another life right yeah as long as we catch only one.

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