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Be cone Resnick advisory assurance tax transform your game this is daybreak Asia is forty five minutes past the hour time for a check of sports from around the world here's Dan Schwartzman thanks Brian while most believe that real Madrid disco will end up at Tottenham AS in Spain is now reporting that both Manchester city and arsenal will make attempts to acquire the midfielder is cost ought to be pep Guardiola's ideal replacement for dobby silver is expected to leave city at the end of the season real Madrid pulling out a huge one mil champions league group stage win over golf the sorry as Tony Cruz forcing the eighteenth minute meanwhile Patty center man dominates clubroom get five nil as killing a Bobby scores a hat trick elsewhere Juventus comes back from a one goal deficit to beat Lokomotiv Moscow to the one has power the palace was both goals two minutes apart not the knocks off red Star Belgrade five Millicent young men and Harry Kane both scored brace Manchester city all over Atlanta five to one that's right in sterling scores a hat trick in other action Bayern Munich slip past LaBianca's three to two Athletico Madrid beats buyer lover to sing one nil Dinamo Zagreb and Shakhtar Donetsk Plato to all draw trades going down in the NFL is knowing the patriots have sent a second round draft pick for the Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Muhammad sunu else with the same to the forty Niners shipping third and fourth round picks the Denver Broncos the White at Emmanuel Sanders and a fifth round pick game of the World Series titles the Astros are hosting the Washington nationals at minute maid park in Houston there a call on the mound for the Astros well the nats are countering with Max Scherzer on the enforcement that you're Bloomberg N. B. C. world sports update headline and breaking news twenty four hours a day business the Bloomberg business slash so we had a.

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