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Grip be chief deputy district attorney prosecuting the case in sacramento denied the claims noting that his office had filed charges against one member of the traditionalist workers party or t wp the neo nazi group that organized this particular rally so in one phone call with doug mccormick identified by police as the tea wpf iliad who acquired the permit for the sacramental rally california highway patrol investigator donovan airs warned him that police might have to release his name in response to a public records request the officer said he would try to protect mccormick okay here's his exact quote i'm going to suggest that we hold that or redact your name or something until this gets resolved he said to the suspect dead he also requested records of the permit and noted if i if i did i would tell you so he didn't know who had requested his name and it's like if i knew i would tell you okay so be clear bubba convicts who august so in that case the guy's going to organize the rally if i'm on in there you can disagree with me but i'm not that bothered he's saying look i get a you're you're part of this was premises group of people are gonna wanna know who you are you requesting the pirmin and we'll keep your identity uh hidden i dunno if that's the legal thing or not if it turns out that's not legal than i withdraw what i just said right but uh and then he he goes a little extra by saying hey don't worry if anyone tries to find out your identity i'll give you a heads up i don't think you have to do a neo nazi that favour so okay but if that's all that was i'd say okay that's bad but it's not the end of the world okay but the case it animation earlier and there is a number of these but that african american protester was stabbed in the abdomen chest and hand break so but they consider him the suspect yes okay.

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