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Implants center. Arizona's morning news the valleys on Lee all news morning show 6 54 now 42 degrees in Avondale. I'm Jamie West Corona virus in Arizona. Faces have now surpassed 19 million in the U. S. More than 334,000. Americans have died. Our neighbor to the west to seeing the greatest surgeon cases. ABC is Mona Co star Omni explains the U. S military now deploying medical troops to help California's overburdened hospitals buckling under the pressure of skyrocketing covert cases. Los Angeles County the epicenter, taking new action requiring all travelers to quarantine for 10 days as the region reports a 600% increase in deaths since November. The Boeing 7 37 Max is back in the skies this morning after being grounded nearly two years ago. American Airlines is the first U. S airline to fly passengers again on the Boeing 7 37 Max, the first light today from Miami to New York Americans, Max is now loaded with updated software and pilots with fresh training to avoid repeats of two deadly 7 37. Max crashes, American says For now it warns customers when they book that they will be on a Max in case You're uncomfortable. United and Southwest, which also have Max is say they will not fly passengers for a while, like Stone, ABC News Scare the latest on traffic. We do it every six minutes in the morning on Arizona's Morning news, and we've had some things to keep an eye on this morning and detoured and beaches watching it all live in the Valley Chevy dealers Traffic Center. Thank you, sir. It has been kind of bumpy, but it does look like things of tapered off a little bit. We still got a few racks. But freeways have been affected by a few those early morning woes and here's way it looks now. Right now, seeing a flow down from 43rd Avenue into the deck Park tunnel on the eastbound I tend. This is now a 16 minute ride. Wanna one into the 51 Stop out, I 17 seeing lights flowing from approaching Thomas down into the 10 Stack interchange and another little stretch of brake lights from the Durango curve into the Central Avenue Construction. 16 minute ride Peoria down to the 10 split, and we do ever Cratchit, 75th Avenue and McDowell and Dobson south of Queen Creed. This traffic report brought to you by 72 sold dot com Did you know it 72 sold You'll get a price in just 15 minutes and get thousands more than if you'd sold any other way. You can even set your own clothes and moved a You want a higher price for your home. Go to 72 sold dot com Deter Nan Kay chair It is partly cloudy skies today with a 10% chance of rain, the highest 60 tonight Clear the low 40. Right now. In Phoenix. Mostly cloudy skies. 42 degrees. Weather is brought to you by Howard Air Center, The Parker and Sun Sports Desk. John Woolford will start for the Rams Sunday. Former Hotshots quarterback and I will say this, he looked a lot better in the hotshots.

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