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Blocker. Um, plot in front. Now the stand go shoot, said Delia at the side of the net. Not to shoot it. Can't coast by the debt trying to center it camp blocks it, but plot takes it away. Hold it in Highmore instead slips it out to center point backtracks to the lightning it Lenny have had a couple of close calls since the Hawks made it three to But it stays 32. Point speeding up the left wing. It center bounces it in and Jesus. He's after the puck left corner. Keep it alive for stamp goes. He just had a chance. Moments ago, a dropped pass. Good job had been to get away from the break in. But now to break it Bus out to center for cane across the lighting line. He's open my slide a little feed the suitor save made by Vasyl Lasky. You know what the blocker had been by the lining net. Open up the far side for plot couldn't clear held in to break it. Left point shoot blocked circuit. Jeff wins it for applying this time he scoops it high in the year out to center ice. A buck 37 left in the period 32. Lightning or up to break it, etcetera. It's got his pocket picked by plot is that a long shift? They'll drop it for Hedman, right wing circuit chip. For plot gets to the red line and lifts it in. Heads off for change. Like home and pursues the buck wins it for gored behind the net. Bonds to Good road. Great circle. Right Point Turn AC back, Barkley. Good roll right circle. Circle. Yanni. Gord O God, I could drop pass is going to be stolen away. My camp will make his way to center ice and roll it in on bass, Alaska just over a minute to go in the period three to lightning. Dark. Turn back.

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