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Right welcome back. Look who's here perk with us <hes>. Stephen i'm going to start with you on this one. If the nets do get hardened do they need to win the title. This season having this type of talent downright without question. And i'm gonna tell you why because the pressure is going to be immense first of all your k. d. Obviously everybody's looking at you comparing you to lebron and stuff like that <hes>. Lebron goes and he assembles a big three. Then ultimately you want up to him and went to golden state and gave the ultimate big three. Lebron sits up de a d. is now in. La so you go to brooklyn you got kyri and then you get a james heart so the pressure will be immense on him. This guy read because of all the things that max has titillated throughout the years and to a lesser degree kendrick perkins when you talk about the lack of leadership there kyri urban may have shown from time to time. He elected to leave cleveland. The go to boston. The situation in boston didn't work out. He goes to brooklyn the only place. Twenty games helped was an issue and all of that stuff plus. He made some headlines. That's an issue. And then you've got james hearted remember. James harden didn't want the white how houston <hes>. Ultimately he didn't want chris paul in houston and then obviously even though again and kendrick perkins knows this far better than me because he has those relationships with these guys. In particular russell westbrook russell westbrook made sure to reiterate to me. Listen his relationship. With james harden is as is big tom their brothers and they're gonna always be brothers. We did not talk about basketball. Just a relationship that he has with james harden which also articulated over social media. I by the way his relationship with james harden they are brothers and they are tight but that doesn't mean they want to play together so as a result of that rests with westbrook is planning on moving on as a result of him. Moving on james harden is moving on. And so there's going to be some pressure to bear because with all of this money that harden and k. d. and career getting paid along with the expectations. Let's bring in the last element you in brooklyn. New york utah. You're even denver. You're in the mecca the media capital. Now obviously the knicks are in new york city madison square. Got it but we should all be allergic to mentioning championship protection at a new york. Nixon brett at least at this moment atop the faith man leon roads and we'll worldwide west but the bottom line is is blasphemous sacrilegious to talk championships. And and the knicks but brooklyn fall weighs less than ten miles is less than ten miles away. It's still a part of brooklyn one of the five boroughs and there is going to be are meant pressure on manse. If the three of them larry know why go give it their. Kp might be right about this guy at five in milwaukee we might see silly. Do some things we know. Lebron is at whatever but if those three assemble no one is going to be interested in any stupendous as to why they did not win after three guys. You damn right. They need to win the chip because the world the world will be watching. First of all brooklyn is even thirstier for a championship. And i think is a bigger deal than a team winning in manhattan in the sense that brooklyn hasn't had a championship in sixty five years. Since the dodgers left brooklyn in fifty seven but they want and fifty five to go to air like that. But the knicks. You're right it's been almost forty eight years for the knicks but brooklyn is the nets or the team in new york. The knicks don't even exist compared to the nets right now and let me say this. There is immense pressure for them. To win you're right stephen while they're together i'm here saying it doesn't need to be in the first year for example if hardened goes to brooklyn and they lose in the finals and a tough series to the lakers. A team like that. It's all right but they have to win while they're together. Even this year's lakers team. I didn't pick them because it's hard to just throw a team together with guys have been played together. Get all the complimentary pieces right. Get it all right to go all the way. We saw that with lebron and his return to. Cleveland went to a game six of course they had injuries on that team. But that's part of it is coming off the catastrophic injury and we saw it again a result before that when lebron showed up miami with the big three it some it takes some times a year to get it right with guys playing together so i would say while there's enormous pressure for them to win while they're together because k. d. if he's most of themselves even is an mvp caliber player so is hardened and kyri may not be an mvp but he's more than just an all star he's all star plus you have to. Mvp caliber players an all star. And then some you're supposed to win a championship to gather. I don't think it has to be in the first year. And i wouldn't say that it's the kind of pressure for example when katie went to golden state. It's like there was more downside. Like guys you have to win it. If you don't win a championship that sorry i wouldn't. I don't think people will be looking at this team like that. Sorry if you don't wanna chip you gotta get outta the east

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