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During the other months, But other than that, No, we just We keep ticking along out there doing it for over 47207 50 is the number you're ready to get to work. Let's do it. Enough of this banter back and forth with the host. Let's let's actually make Tom do some work today. Let's go to Grace and Al Ferretti Grace here on the home fix it show. I'm a good afternoon. That's good morning. Still, whatever I'll go with whatever you got, Grace. It's fine. Um, so my daughters of buying a house in Alfa Rhetta. And their goat doing the due diligence and there's a crack in the foundation and they found raid on. And I've been told that that's common and The Stone Mountain area because it's in the rock. But that it can be vented. Out of the basement. But I also know back in the day people have died from it. So I just wonder, And what happens if you repair it? What does that change the resale or if you've entered just how does that affect the resale of your house? Before I get to Tom, who's got the answer on the fixing of it? Let me tell you, Grace it. Raid on will not kill you overnight. It's not like if your furnace is not you know you your vent is intending to CEO gas out and you could wake up dead the next morning. Radan is more of ah, over the time kind of thing that it's not good, but it's just more of overtime. Okay, Let's go to Tom. Uh, well, um I mean, the crack in the raid on may have nothing to do with each other. But, uh, you know, there are definitely raid on mitigation systems that can be installed that that it is eventing system of sorts that catches the raid on gas and then events it well above your roof line and out of danger. S o. It's something that we don't do. But we work in conjunction with a lot of raid on companies because they can sometimes put a A similar type system in is that they they accomplished two different things, but, um, you know, you obviously want to get the raid on addressed first, and if it leaks, then that's AH separate separate issue as well. Gracious. You can go to my website Grace the home, fix it page dot com Up on the upper right hand corner. You can click and see a You can send me an email. I can Give you a good name for a raid on people that install those systems. Perfect. Thank you so much. Appreciate what y'all do. No problem. What about a crack in the foundation? Tom? Is it something you just watch? Yours is something that you immediately need fixing or When you just know. I mean, 11. Basic fact about concrete is that a cracks s O in some cracks are worse than others. Some mean nothing at all, eh? So it's a little hard to tell. If it's on a crack on a poured wall, and it is, um you know, horizontal. That's definitely a major, um, flag if you will. Um, if it's um diagonal or or even vertical, and it it has. You know, it is wide enough where you could stick a quarter in it. Or if it's wider at the top. And narrow at the bottom. That would imply that it's a settlement crack. So you know people don't need toe freak out just because there's a crack, but it certainly makes sense. To get it looked at and you know, we That's the one thing you know people can count with us. We're going to. We're going to tell him what it is and tell him what it is and benefits nothing or something that they need to monitor. They're gonna hear that. And if it's more than that, we'll let him know what their options are. I mean, it's possible to have Uncle guard out. Look at the crack and have you walk away and say You know, Look at it again in three months or six months or just keep your eye on it. Let us know, but we're good, right? Yeah. I mean, some of the best testimonials we've got from people we never didn't work for, you know, because they had several companies out. They gave him this big quote to fix something. We got out there and said, Hey, you know, I really need to do anything for this. You know and and monitor it or has come back out and the year or this is what you need to look for. Sometimes we'll put a crack monitor on it, which will actually Tell you if if the crack is still moving, So you know, every crack can be different, but certainly not one you automatically have to panic about. I like that. I don't think anybody ever has said the words. Crack monitor on this show before, and it just It's a very vivid word, you know, paints all kinds of pictures in my head, none of which I can discuss right here. But it is kind of humorous. It's gonna be like that. If it's something. Let's say I gotta poured wall and it's cracked. It's something that you say Yeah, we need to do something about that. What is what is the procedure? Do you don't Knocked the wall down and put a new wall in do you? No, I mean crack crack, and a poured wall could be simply a crack that it you know, is leaking or is vulnerable to leak. We have very, um guess. Inexpensive as as waterproofing system repairs go when we can do a polyurethane crack injection. And typically, you know that's going to come with a five or 10 year warranty and the problem is solved if the crack is a symptom of a settlement issue. Well, then that's all I know the issue. And, um uh, potentially a foundation you know, settlement issue, our foundation peering repair, but You know short of looking at it. You know you can't really You can't really just assume anything, you know. Unfortunately, there are people out there in our industry that turn every crack into something that you know they have. You know there one product for and and it's a little dangerous because, you know, don't let a company freak you out. Get you panicked about a crack. Definitely get a second opinion. If if if you're not You know, feeling comfortable with.

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