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That's what i want to see because absolutely no chance with this russell because team granted. But louis you'll also gave me hid under this roster with we've rivers on this one there is absolutely no why again done by the boston celtics And i'm not gonna gargoyles. Especially when ben simmons especially when ben simmons wasn't even plan i agree that definitely wouldn't have done and the way they did you know in but i think there's a ceiling with eight and simmons and i think looking like just looking a who's gonna get but just looking to those two teams now on who's going to get better. I don't think there's anywhere near as much about anything as much of a sailing on that celtics team. I just think what you said that you place in on yourself. Boston celtics boy. No i'm not gonna stuff minnesota timberwolves aficionado. We caja to the boston. Celtics was kevin mchale helping out this. Read up about Okay so i mean we spy james autumn enough. We'll eventually find out what happens. You'll probably this by next week. Will now the extraction. So i mean just in the interest of tom i do want to spend a little bit on this one. So obviously everyone knows the the partnership the cari oven and lebron. James wearing cleveland cavaliers. Everyone's saying the reruns on scott's bulls when they do the flesh to the nba finals. And you see the content of the sounds of the nba finals and you. Hey carrera of in having that show you know the whole thing. They wanted to put him in the pick and roll on staff cardi takes. That show is absolute saints cleveland. This viewer it. So i think i think was actually made when lebron lose with the lakers in the nba finals. And then of really. Just only kinda come out now with lebron going on which jefferson podcast. And it's basically the carre was saying the with kevin durant now with him at the brooklyn nets. He's finally got someone that he feels..

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