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Like i said we were talking about some of those things that map right like the like the mapping system for example you know the samra informs has this basic solution where you just say you know bring bring up this location and whatever the mapping app is on the platform and it just pulls it up but i'm thinking of other of other things that are that are windows specific you know what what are some of the is there anything that isn't exposed in other words or anything that in you wbz that you weren't able to translate to iowa android web assembly so there's a lot of things that that can't be translated into into an android or a web assembly for that matter depending on what a is it provided the basically what what we trained to do is is provide a lot of obstructions for the developers that want to do general development so that say for instance you want to use the api for lifestyles well tough luck i mean it's not available nyos nato he's not going to not do anything that if you want to use that say geolocation for instance then at this in this case yes it's it's it's mostly available you're maybe some corner cases where it's not working exactly as the bathroom is going to be providing it and there's a way to escape the box in and get access to the underlying that form but if she wants to stick with once a uw provided that the the let's say somehow you'll basic were middle middle scenarios is okay for you than than go forth and use the wpn petition if it slept it's effective if it's available okay.

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