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To you by the Commonwealth of June. Missing person investigation in Colorado is now a murder case today. Police arrested the fiance of twenty nine year old Kelsey barris. Police say that Patrick Frasier was the last person to see Berith alive. Here's an icky. Batiste? Patrick Swayze was arrested this morning at his ranch in teller county. Colorado district attorney, Dan may Patrick crazy was charged this morning with first degree, murder and solicitation for first degree murder. Investigators spend days executing a search warrant at phrase's home last week, even bringing in a backhoe onto the thirty five acre property woodland park. Police chief miles to young investigators have recovered a number of items that make us suspicious that the crime did occur at Kelso's residents. Twenty nine year old Berith was last heard from on thanksgiving. She and our one year old daughter Kayleigh were captured on grocery store. Surveillance. Video Frasier is believed to be the last. Person to see bear before she vanished. Kelsey is mother Cheryl Berith spoke with her that morning. Did she sounds normal? Did she definitely she she sounded happy three days later bear cell phone sent to texts. One to freeze the other two haram floor saying she would not be a work the following week. Police say the phone pinged from Gooding Idaho, nearly six hundred miles away to Kelsey ever. At any point mentioned. She was in fear of her safety. No. The woodland park. Police chief says the couple's one year old daughter is in protective custody. Frasier is being held without bail. And Jeff authorities say another arrest is a possibility. All right hard to hear about Nikki. Thank you still ahead here tonight. How the first mission to the moon.

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