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Her to the prestigious juilliard school of performing arts. She then spent years. Mastering her craft on television rodway or the big screen. Viola has become one of the most acclaimed actors of our time. Earning an emmy to tony's and an oscar commanding performances in fences doubt and how to get away with murder to name just a few have built her legacy after we taped. Our interview received an oscar nomination for best actress. Burma rainy first. Black woman in history to be nominated for four academy awards after. Tell you a quick story. When i was watching arrays on broadway years ago during intermission. Someone said oh isn't venetia shod marvelous and i said is she in this play. I saw that same production. Yeah so i must tell you. I felt that same way about you. Watching this film. I was watching with two of my daughter girl from south africa and that opening scene that is you know so boisterous and vivacious and i said who who is. Who is that one of the girls said you know who that is. I don't know who that is. Who is that. And they said oprah. It's you i went. Oh yeah i can see her in there now that you mention it but i'm telling you you were so immersed you were unrecognisable. Was that your goal. thank you well. That really is always my goal but this character is probably further away from me in terms of just the look in terms of everything about it so that is a goal you know you have to become another human being is what you have to become. Yes but you know. It's like that opening scene that opening shot. It took some time to make the decision in terms of the makeup and in terms of the look at took a leap of faith on my part. Because i did not want to make up to look pretty. I didn't One of the reasons why didn't is see the thing about our profession is an acting. You have to study life. it's gotta be about life and you know me and you know that life is messy right right and when studying marini people who knew her said that are makeup under the lights looked like it was melting looked like melting greasing. And then i thought. I thought about the fact that before this. She did coon face shows with her husband. Par rainy.

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