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Never been to. Montana! I've been to Montana a few times, but the first time I went to Montana I think I've told you about this trip, my. Twenty one junior year college summer, my Buddy Mike and I basically did this drive away service. Where we drove a family that had moved from DC to actually northern California. We drove their car. They paid for all the gas and the idea was back. Then even if they have these things anymore where you drive their car out for them, and they told us before we took it. Take as much time as you want. And we did and one of the we spent a I'll never never forget this, so yellowstone park is Wyoming and then I guess it would be southwest. Montana basically is yellowstone I'd have to look at a map to see exactly, but I remember we were in. We drove all night from wherever we words. It's like. We're already a few days into the trip minimum and We pulled the car over in Yellowstone Park. And fell asleep. It was in June. We woke up the next morning shivering as our car Wisconsin with snow. This is in June and there are. There are mule deer, which are the big huge, dear walking around the car. I mean big animals walking around the car and we're like Holy Shit. Around here, we're out here in it now. I'm pulling up a map to see if I have that right. I'm pretty sure. Yellowstone is mostly in Wyoming, but a sliver of it is in if it's in Wyoming, which is south. Montana it would be North West Wyoming and southwest Montana. Why can't I find a map of yellowstone? Anyway I think that's IT I. May have that wrong. Where most of its in Montana, in just a sliver of it is in Wyoming, but I think I have that right? I think I. Have that right could be wrong. Anyway I can't find oh here it is. I'm right. I'm A. I'm right. Here is Yellowstone National Park looks like it's mostly in Wyoming and yes, there's a sliver of it in Montana. And somehow we were in the Montana portion of the park, and that was the first time in Montana Tommy that trip we were on our way. We'd made our way from rapid city South Dakota where we spent a few days because there was a great dog track. Track in rapid city, so we were there, and then we were in yellowstone in the next stop for us was Tahoe because we had to go to Tahoe. Where a buddy of ours hit his sister lived in truckee. California which is part of Lake Tahoe, and she was moving back to the east coast, and we had worked out that we're going to pick up her car, which was a Ford Escort I'll never forget it. We drove a Honda. A Honda accord out picked up her ford escort in Truckee California, and she said the same thing I'll pay for your gas and she gave us back then. You needed a gas card if you recall. And we had a gas card from her for the for that car, and then we had that car basically in we told her. If we take your car back, we may not be back until August and we weren't. We left in mid June. We were back in mid August. It was a two month trip. We spent a lot of time in northern California. My buddies uncle's place, which was in a rather beautiful location in. In that whole pebble beach area down there, but and then we spent probably a week to two weeks in southern California, but that was the first time I've got a mantra that was. That was a trip we were looking. Years ago, we were looking for the pictures of that trip and I think he's got him. I thought I had them in a box. But he must have them but Yeah, it was it was. It was a great trip that included a lot of gambling and then a forty eight hour. I think I've told you this before. A forty eight hour non stop trip. From L. A. TO DC. It was mid August we were done we. We're ready to get home. We were out of money. We had a gas card and maybe like fifty bucks, and we drove forty eight straight hours from La to DC forget. We left on a Friday at seven and arrived Sunday night ten o'clock East Coast time we to gas court. We had a gas card and we'd fifty bucks for some food along the way, and that was it. We took to our shifts, and we drove forty eight straight hours God's honest truth that you can make it from la DC and forty eight hours. that. Truckin Baby, oh. We were truck and. We were talking we'd had it. We'd been gone for a while at that point and we were ready to get home, plus we had no money, and basically the promise to our parents were that we wouldn't wire for money because they didn't really you know. They wanted my father wanted me working that summer. What do you mean you know? Get A job. No, we're GONNA try. We're going to see what happens with this thing it was it was it was it was a blast, but yes, there is. There's money in Montana brother. There's some real money in those places. That surprises me I didn't know that, and there's obviously a lot of you know. I mean real tough. Rural towns to that are probably really in trouble. Anyway? Well I like I like the series so far I wouldn't say it's a great series, but I liked it. I've been to Helena. That's the other place I've been to. Went there to I wanNA say with Smith's a supermarket chain. Back in the ninety s nice place to be from. Wouldn't be a great place to live in necessarily, but places like Bozeman. You know in a lot of those Ranch places in God. It's beautiful country out there I'll tell you what I mean. We're GONNA see what happens with our cities. You know because of covid nineteen in particular population density but a lot of those places probably seem pretty attractive to a lot of people right now. Probably. A quick word about hydrant than we'll get to some topics of the day. top performers in business and sports often attribute their success to their morning routine whether it's waking up early setting.

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