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Now I'm Rick fan sites with ELISA Jaffe Editing The News. Jeremy Greater Texas is the latest state to end the supplemental federal and unemployment funds, Governor Greg Abbott said in a statement. The focus must be on helping unemployed Texans get a job well. Police are investigating the discovery of human remains in the show. Hey, Liss River, the story breaking this evening. Investigators say the remains were discovered partially submerged in mud and water. In an area near Melon Street in Shale is River investigators now trying to determine the person's identity band the cause of their death. Discovery Incorporated, which owns Animal Planet Food Network and its namesake network, among others, is combining with 80 and Cheese Warner Media, the parent company of CNN, HBO and Warner Brothers studio. If approved, it would create a TV film and streaming behemoth. Jonathan O'Connell is covering this for the Washington Post and spoke with Como's Taylor Vance ice. This is a pretty massive deal, considering all the properties that are coming together. How and why did this effort come about? Yeah, it's actually a big U turn for 18 P. Um, you know people were following the company may remember in 2018. They fought tooth and nail to acquire Warner Media. Lots of people are concerned that about that, because you know 18 p already controls so many of our phones and the infrastructure that gets, you know, streaming services into our house and Internet on it was concerned that they would you know when they also owns CNN, HBO and all these different channels that just kind of control too much of the sort of the whole enterprise. Now they've just decided three years later. They don't want to have the media companies on they whatever benefits they thought they would get from owning all of that, um, have not worked out. So they're jettisoning CNN, HBO. They'll, you know, TBS, TNT. One of the other studios and all that to a spinoff company, so with how difficult it was to buy all of those in the first place is going to be as difficult toe Sellem offer spin them off in this deal. I don't think so. I think you know it's interesting because it's consolidation. One more respect in that. You know they will be combining those media companies with Discovery and discovery, you know, now owns all sorts of things, including Animal Planet food Network HDTV, the Travel channel. So all those channels plus all the channels that Um 18 T is spinning off. We'll all be part of one company that will have, you know, Streaming services, of course. So in that way, it's a consolidation. That's another way. It's sort of a separation of, you know, 18 other businesses and media, so I don't think you'll be quite as still unknown, but I think one thing to be quite as Acrimonious is, um, the Warner acquisition was now in the long run. What is a viewer going to notice? Because I'm thinking, you know, HBO could now have Shark week from Discovery. CNN. That's could be on food network for all we know. Oh, my gosh, The opposite. The possibilities are endless. You know, I think in general, there are so many tiffin streaming services right now, obviously, and consumers in one respect have a lot of choice. They can Pick. Whichever 23. They're like best they can cancel those Add new ones, and I have no consumers like that. In another respected so expensive the streaming services to make him produce content and to buy content that It sort of seemed inevitable that there can't still be as many the future as there are now. At least at least big ones. I mean, Disney Plus and so big Netflix is so big, you know, An immediate question is If you're on HBO, Max subscriber and, uh, Discovery plus subscriber. Well, those services both continue exist separately. No, they're part of the same company. Um, and you know, we don't know the answer that yet so it could mean all sorts of combinations of those different channels. And it could mean consolidation in some way, Or maybe they'll only respond even more. It's unclear Still Jonathan O'Connell with US on coma news business reporter for The Washington Post. And you can always find his coverage online at Washington Post com. Jonathan Thank you. And that's Como's Taylor van site. Well, I'm just going to say that I'm glad, Lisa. You and I both have grandchildren to operate those Roque whose given all the change, thank goodness right? Yeah. All right on we go to money News. Rob Smith from Seattle Business magazine with your coma. Propel insurance.

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