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Some try to make it pretty realistic here is we. Don't necessarily put in our own lenses of who we think is good or what we would be doing with these teams. There's a little of that but we're also just trying to predict here what's going to happen at the trade deadline so we'll go through an order alternate here and just talk about each of our teams and what we have it. Might I generally have the teams that were most likely. Deemed sellers tough to categorize this year especially because the so few teams teams are are out of it. But what we start with the Sacramento Kings. Here we have bogged down don which restricted free agent. You got the bull us over For Him Reshad homes again playing really well. Part of what we're doing but the fit with Bagley is an amazing. You could bullets over for him as well. If you're interested and same thing with Numancia Lisa who has a a non-guaranteed year next year at about seven million we are also looking to move moved Wayne deadman without taking back any negative assets KP The Atlanta Hawks are looking to add a starting center and patrol potentially add. Some second round picks Hicks by taking on salary. Is the one team with cap space. Dan the Boston Celtics would like to upgrade at Saturn. Another power forward would be nice but it's not a necessity city. The La Clippers would like to add of player worthy of championship. Closing five. Really whatever position they play and we have a first round pick and a ton of matching salary plus pretty good seconds depending on what offers on the table but will the Los Angeles Clippers be doing the deadline. That's the real question Orlando is still trying to make the playoffs but were willing to listen on Evan Foreign. EA and Kim birches will think could make a nice backup center option for for some teams but We're not desperately looking to move anyone we also would think about moving. Alfred could be new to get off his salary. Sorry for next year If the price isn't too high the Denver Nuggets are hoping to get value. For their impending restricting restricted free agents me Peasley an-and Gomez without adding salary because we're Peres perilously close to the luxury tax. And if there is a star who comes on the market that we can consolidate some talent or We would love to get in that bidding baton not expecting that box here We'd like to add a three D. small forward who can guard Lebron required in the finals. And as good enough to actually get minutes on this team draft picks young players like Dj Wilson Sterling Brown fat content. Maybe even Dante even though are available. We've got Ersan Ilyasova. Even maybe Robin Lopez for salary matching those Robin Lopez gets traded. We'd have to address backup center and his brother. I think they'll be okay Oklahoma. The city thunder are willing to listen to offers under no Gallinari though. We want to be impressed with it. We're happy to keep him for the rest of the season. We're also looking to trade Andre Roberson for for somebody who can help. Ideally somebody who has some sort of cost control for next season if we can find the right player. The Washington Wizards are willing to move. Move is as Thomas or Smith for a team with point guard. Help Jordan McRae. If there's a team that needs some scoring Davos batons isn't available. His huge part of our future. Unless you put at least a solid I with some upside in play We cannot go into the tax. We are three point. Five million dollars below that right now. The LA LAKERS Much like the clippers hoping to add someone who could be a part of our closing five except for the whole parts about having two thousand twenty first pick available and lots of matching salary rockets rockets here were always gonNa Chase Stars this year were particularly looking for better forward. Somebody who can defend ideally also shoot. All our draft picks are on the table or doing whatever takes to win a championship. This season of we happen to get under the luxury tax line. That'd be a total fluke accident. The Minnesota Timberwolves are are looking for our creator of the future and initiator ball handler and we are willing to listen to offers on Robert Cummington but we are not planning to trade him so impresses us the Golden State Warriors are looking to trade a ball handler in creator of the future to some team for a superstar We're are also also looking to move Kevon Looney and Alec Burks and possibly Jacob Evans without taking back any salary and returned to get out of the taxes year and out of the repeater tax for next year We are willing to trade the ethics that we have that will not be specified to make that happen. And that's it for Norlin Norlin milkins would like to convert their expiring contracts into longer term salary mavericks. Here we'd like to trade for Willie Cauley Stein an idea. I totally had I before. It actually happened and I'm not bitter that they stole that right out from under me. But you've got the receipts on this one. It also like to add a defensive wing conditional playmaker may be a deal one player. The Miami Heat are looking to add players who can be a part of our present and our future her without why we can't go over the hard cap and we're right at it so we can't add salary for this season and if we could get out from under some of our bad contracts for next year here we would want to do it. But we don't really have the assets to offer them so we'll probably just sit here and smile. The New York Knicks are making available pretty much. Everyone one who is not Mitchell Robertson and RJ Barrett. Marcus Morris. We are looking for a first round. Pick for him and then Taj Gibson Wayne Ellington. Lincoln Reggie Bullock Bobby Portis Julius randle Alfred Peyton and Dennis Smith Junior. Maybe a little bit different of a category there but a lot. The guys available for this team despite Friday's thrilling win in San Antonio the Phoenix Suns a realistic about our playoff chances with the NBA hardest schedule the remainder of the season. So we realistic. I know realistic. That's unrealistic so we will consider selling on on Aron Baynes and Doria with both of them. Impending Free agents nets here. It's pretty glaring. We need one more piece to more pieces. The Philadelphia Seventy sixers are looking to build the best possible team for this year. That probably means different. Looks options but we WANNA keep our main players players together so they'll be moves more on the margins if we can make them happen the Detroit Pistons are reluctantly going to make all star center. Andre Drummond avilable and we also are reluctantly looking to trade all star candidate. Derrick rose. But we're looking for somebody significant there because he's our only draw. Aw Bright Spot We can't take any salary to go above the tax we are right up against it We would also take on longer term money for Reggie Edgy Jackson. If an asset came with it and again we can't go over the luxury tax. So and Markeith Morrisville. We'd also like to potentially move Kyri Thomas if team like to take him to open up a little maneuvering room Below the tax the Portland Trailblazers are hoping to convert expiring contracts in a longer term salary specifically looking to add a long-term option at small forward and also cut a luxury tax bill in the process without sacrificing our competition for the eighth seed lead in the Western Conference. The San Antonio Spurs want to continue our long playoff streak we WANNA maintain kennesaw. We're not going to ignore calls about our stars but we're not going to be listening that that closely either. The Chicago Bulls are willing to listen to offers on twenty nineteen signings thaddeus young and Thomas Sarangi. But we're willing to keep them to both of those guys is our part of theoretically our president and we'll we'll also listen on Otto Porter team is interested there with his player option. The Cleveland Cavaliers are reluctantly going. To make all star power forward Kevin love available but only because rebuilding and not. Because he doesn't WanNa be here anymore. who had also happily move are expiring contracts for money for next year if the price is right We've got Tristan Thompson. Available there Brandon Knight. John Henson Matthew Della Vedova the illuminaries avilable for your expiring contract pleasure. Other Toronto Raptors are not looking to trade any of the several veterans. Who helped us win the two thousand nineteen NBA championship a sense that we cannot say often enough but we would be looking to clear? Norman Powell salary off our two thousand twenty one books if we could get back a wing who can also help us now. It has a shorter contract. And maybe even a little overpaid oh get ready for some hate. Mail Kevin The grizzlies plan to trade not by out Andrei Ebola. We want to maintain our good vibes. Maybe Trade Jae crowder would not a certain as we once were and maybe even trade for now but we're not going to get carried away with that. DNA Pacers Acer's are largely going to keep the band together. We still want to see how this all works with victory depot. If somebody somebody's going to have to Bolus over for milestone we are not intending at all to trade him right now are two teams left here the Charlotte Hornets also willing to take on long.

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