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Listening spellbound while a voice guide you into the world of the unknown terrifying perplexing trip through shimmering veil called the paranormal follow detectives george and marian killed in a bus goes south. Who have left this mortal coil yet. Still walked the earth as ghost detectives each week. Canoe story that will take you into the unknown world of the paranormal now. Ghost detectives book one case to the stolen infants and chapter one and two. We learned that. George and marian are killed in a bus that goes south as they're on a hilltop watching their own funeral they encounter a vietnam veteran who can hear but can't see them when they returned to the police station. They find captain. Walters can see and hear them and there are about to encounter a fortune teller with the same ability. And that's where chapter three picks up. The neon sign extended out over the sidewalk. High enough that vandals could reach it. It blinked off and on day and night. The giant palm was crisscrossed with lines across the top. Was the name madame zora. Along the bottom. In red words psychic readings inside a woman of an indeterminable age with coal black hair. Her shoulders sat at a small round table. She wore a heavy felt dress that was red black and purple that pushed her breasts up to near overflow. Her eyes were closed in her hands. Were hovering over a crystal ball. Her thick accent became thicker and more intense when her eyes opened. Your sister does not want to communicate with you. But jenny love me and i just wanna know what she did with the strongbox. Your sister does not want to communicate with you. It is time for you to go. The man on the other side of the table stood fine than i want my money back. She picked up three fifty dollar bills and folded them it three times and slip them between her apple breath than pointed to assign clearly read. No refunds refunds. I want my money back. You asked me to communicate with your deceased sister. I did her message was that she did not want to communicate with you. I did as you wanted and communicated with your sister now go. He locked around the down at the woman while maybe censure so cooperative did what i said. Just now you'd like to do what i say. One more time. How about you suck my deck. The woman spoke in a very calm voice. It would be wise for you to leave now and not be present when the police arrive but instead of leaving. He removed phone from his coat. Pocket impressed the speed. Dial for police. Good idea hello. Yes david miles. That's my dave yes. I'm thirty eight water street. Love for the sign. That reads madame zora. Oh yes well. I came in for fun. You know to have my palm read. And when i laid down my money. She dropped her top and offered me sex officer. Late rolling. took the call. Double-parked directly under madame zora sign when he walked into the ten by ten room. A woman was sitting placidly at a table while a man was walking around the room yelling and ranting and loud sir yes officer. I'm glad you're here. This woman is a common prostitute sir. What's your name What i want you to arrest this woman sir. I ask you question miles. Luck shot david miles. But officer role and held up one hand silence and mr miles i need you to step to the back of the room like pouty little boy being asked to stand in a corner mile shuffled to the back of the room where leaned against the wall and folded his arms rolling. Walk back to the little round table of slid a chair so he could sit next to the woman. Ma'am.

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