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All over the country and we can't thank her enough for her support talk about dogs bringing people together again this community that we've already mentioned first of all all the stars that we talked about bill rabbit Suzanne at like radio what you're doing it's everybody bringing their skills to simply showcase these beautiful doggies and get them home right it's amazing well yeah so Megan felt to your point the other big game that we were so fortunate to integrate into the shell is a partnership with a doctor Pat throughout special all of the dog featured on the show or most of them have already been adopted that there can be okay with there forever mama forever gad at their end to learn during the show thank because we know that we're going to inspire people to want to adopt the next step is where do we adopt from so because of a doctor Pat we are able to do several shout out throughout the show and actually encourage the viewers you go to the hallmark channel dot com last that can wreck you website where they click on the adopt a pet I crime can simply enter their zip code and be linked to thousands of available dogs in their own community that are patiently waiting for their forever homes so it really was great energy with these wonderful organizations that are doing such great work I love this Michael as I said at the very very top of the show you leave no stone unturned you you must have done this once or twice before hi well I can get help that I had not just the producer but I am also a wreck you were so yeah I really understand all the details all the do's and don'ts all the nuances are of what goes into you know doing great rescue work and I think it really serves me well introducing shows like that and in fact what I do each time that I actually I call it my mess aging left I every headline that important that we want to share with the viewer and it's a checklist for me and I make sure that one way or another we integrate that into the show so whether it's something about the importance of spay or neuter or how black dogs are overlooked in our show right or right the bank being that it will mess all of those kinds of things are important to educate the viewer sweat but we do it and that really entertaining way and of course my favorite is the idea that when you adopt a dog from a rescue organization you're saving to the dog you be absolutely dog you bring home to be part of your family and that spot you open up for that rescue to save another dog absolutely and if that dog is come from a puppy mill you're saving more than two because you're saving web a puppy mill has been you know rated that's the word that they use you're saving the mother the father the sisters the siblings just by rescuing your one dog that ripple effect is outrageous by just rescuing one dog so well said that it absolutely not the twenty eighteen American rescue dog show airs hallmark channel the February nineteenth nineteen right yeah eight central cool cool cool and we're gonna take a quick break so while we do that everybody put that on your calendar is February nineteenth eight seven central and when we come back smelly and I want to hear more about the celebrities that are gonna be there like Ross Matthews who I love and also in here about the couch potato competition and how this is yeah and what else is going on with this can you wait right state we'll.

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