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Cooperation to any of these allegations. Correspondent Nancy Cortes with more on that FBI report a lot of bad feeling in general between Democrats and Republicans who after all read this same forty six page document today from the FBI and came away from it with completely different conclusions about what was in there, and what should have been in there. But wasn't a procedural vote on bread. Kavanagh's confirmation is likely to take place this morning CBS news update. I'm that piper. Kavanagh wrote an op Ed piece in the Wall Street. Journal yesterday at meeting he might have been too emotional in last week's committee hearing, but says he can be counted on to be an even keel judge all retired supreme court Justice. John Paul Stevens does not believe cavenaugh can be even killed as he claimed in that op Ed well as rare four retired Justice to speak on pending nomination. But the ninety eight year old Stevens who was nominated to the high court by Republican president Gerald Ford tells the Palm Beach post out in Florida that after watching Kavanagh's performance in the hearing last week, he feels he lacks the temperament to be a supreme court Justice less. Senate Republicans are moving on with this cabinet nomination this weekend here in New York City yesterday that hearing demonstrated live on TV was that winning don't matter. Debra, right. President of the association of legal aid attorney says she believes Dr Christine Blasi Ford when she says breath Kavanagh sexually assaulted her. But beyond that accusation right says Dr. Ford revealed Kavanagh's, aggressive nature. Thank you for coming forward and showing us cavenaugh, it's true, temperament, temperament, let alone that doesn't belong on the federal level. It does not belong in the supreme court. The legal aid attorneys that rallied here in Foley square made their closing argument about why cabinet should not be confirmed. The most amid he is headed for a seat on the supreme.

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