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Economic wise you're right the hiking the price of a movie ticket and they're GONNA hike the price of movie tickets on go back anyway. That's just the way it's going to be because they have to recoup for Retinue Auditorium. Poor boxoffice the concession in everything else really is going to go up because while we're back but all prices going back up again which is going to be insane and I have to be honest. Go into the movie theater weather go during the day or at night. It's been empty anyway. And it's amazing that I'm not GONNA lie. I see people theater hopping. But it's or you know I I still see you know the boot liking. But it's one six hundred thousand and the other the question is that anybody really. WanNa rush and see certain movies like school and whether or not the stirs because as a kids movie or not. The problem comes down to is that WANNA brothers the way they were advertising. This film and anything is one of the problems that I have that. This is that one brother's still feel that they can create a cinematic universe. We were GonNA talk about this because Disney slash marvel and this is why I think the recently called called because I did break the post this on facebook that Disney slash marvel got very lucky with creative cinematic universe. I don't know how they did it. They almost give too but they persevered than some and and I really didn't get interested into avengers and then I really went back and I got because I only saw the first arm in theaters. I didn't see hall. I didn't even the whole was doubt and I really didn't pay attention to avengers. And then all of a sudden I got back into it but somehow it persevered than in a universal try their dark universe and that didn't work because they figured let's just cramming all these characters created dark universe note we'll ply the the emcee you kind of work because you plucked the avengers release the first round of Avengers Aniko against a complex story. That people were still familiar. Were interested that buildup debt had some sort of purpose and significance and paid off but school. As we discussed it was about a bunch of teenage solving crimefighting teenagers and a talking dog that was based on a fraction. Not Sure Asong as for other Hannibal recreations during the sixties you also had a bunch of crime solving teenagers with either a talking dog. Were TALKING CAR. Which was speed buggy or even ghost funky. Phantom and Captain Caveman. I mean if anybody was going to reinvent baron. To Warner Brothers took over was doing that and even yeah they. They did team up with Batman but they were still solving crimes in. It should reduce the one. That stuck scooby. Doo is the one that has stuck like we were talking about has been reinvented so many different times but has still been able to stay somewhat in the mainstream all these years. We'll yeah because the characters are memorable. The the only problem that I would say between Fred. Daphne and Velma until pup named Scooby Doo came along. I didn't care about them because it was kind of like the original evil dead occurred about Ash. Maybe his girlfriend. It didn't care about the other three and then when he will to Kim rather this came down to and his girlfriend. And you know the rest with Scooby Doo and the eighty s when Reinventing the series. It just came down the Scooby Doo Shaggy. They will bring deathly back and put her in some sort of jumpsuit. A teams Turtles whatever because they made it look like apron the on she was a reporter but and then they would bring back Fred and Velma but they were the interesting characters. Scooby Doo and shaggy for reasons. They work and I understand that they're going to make them important to that. Live action movie came in two thousand and two this movie but the problem with school is that I don't scoop wants to be because one abroad is still concerned about trying to build a universe. They haven't done it and they haven't done right to do it. With Justice League. I don't know why they're doing it with their cartoon characters but you just can't throw in a bunch of characters. I mean you. You could with something like Hanna. Barbera Laugh Olympics because that was a take on the Olympics and you had the wacky races there wagging races yet. The wacky races. Because you took a bunch of character some original some they would later go into a spin off and be a cartoon like the perils of Penelope pitstop or you would create a great villain Dick Nationally and monthly but with life Olympics as. Well you have the scooby dooby which were the one thousand nine hundred sixty s crimefighting teenagers with talking animals. You would have the okay. Who is which was the and more animals Yogi Bear huckleberry hound and then you have the really Rodman's which were many barbera villains at the time. They had some original ones. But that worked. But my flannel request would be. You really have to work on. The voice cast because bringing a list actors English actors in a reality stars. It's not I think when you bring in professional voice artists over the years like Billy West Rob Paulsen Jim Cummings Trust McNeil Release Lamarche April Wind. Chill Greg Griffin. I can go on and on if you bring men in then you have my interested intention because they have been doing a lot of voices and voiceover in cartoons for years but if you're bringing in Hollywood and TV reality stars the Voice One. You just hearing their voice to the not used invoicing cartoon characters this studio voice and you know what? I'm not feeling it so if you're going to do it. Hopefully the sign runyon people that have foisted in the past and really respect characters. Once again I was speaking to knowing fine from the Hanako. Cast you gotta go at checkout everything that he's doing today on facebook at the Hanukkah outcasts as long as you don't bring back again scrappy Doo and Flimflam. No so he was not work for me. Those two never did and never will but it is right now. Scoop that's available video on demand whether you like it or don't like and we'd love to hear your thoughts pop culture cosmas at Yahoo Dot Com. No it's always a pleasure having on the program voicing your opinions on everything going on in the realm of pop culture. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on your upcoming again. Ten days ten bucks ours from Video Games that you know and love. You're always looking back on the show. My friend does glad to have your board right here. The pop culture cosmos and but any last thoughts on the whale Ya no more scrappy. Do No more flimflam and police just number. Simon cal on America's got talent jury says on that one my friend but it is once again no Ian find checkout all that he's doing today at Donegal cast no. It's been so great to have you part of the show Geeky. It'll be time for another mystery coming up very soon. Four Scooby Doo as we go ahead and check out the latest that they're doing today right here at the pop culture cosmos links. If you need your video game vix be sure to check out. Remm Games located in Town Square on Las Vegas Boulevard or in Henderson Nevada Retro City Games as the cure for all your video game vices Retro Games and Games for current consoles Nintendo Sega playstation xbox and more retrofitted games has the stables from any library and some highly collectible offerings to to pick up a few games today at retrofitting games in Town Square on Las Vegas Boulevard or in Henderson Nevada. Retro City Games is your video game at trump's all right thanks once again for everybody joining the show. Just appreciate everyone listening out there. Tell you what to close out the pop culture cosmos. Show this week. I wanted to go ahead and recognize something that didn't have exactly enough time for on our Friday program but that is something I do want to celebrate. And that's forty years forty years of the empire strikes back and also forty years of Pacman my goodness on the same day no less that just blows me away that both of those came out at the same time one of which I actually remember that day as far as the empire strikes back is concerned Pacman. I remember playing later and I've got a little bit that but with me today to finish out this program talking some great memories on empire strikes back and Pacman and then also he's going to be joining us on Thursday program talking. Some more about. Maybe a little bit of the Snyder cut is well and some great recipe ideas for Thursday. So hang on for that is a good man. Indeed you gotta check them out every single day because there's always something new popping up on social media on FACEBOOK AT SMOKING. Hot Confessions Smoking. Hot CONDITIONS DOT COM. He's got a new game show. You can go ahead and check out the so interactive. I try to pop on whenever I can share it onto the pop culture cosmos. He's doing so much even in a time of pandemic it's been our no and Ben always great to have you back on the program might thanks for having me. Thanks for that awesome introduction. That was really nice. If I actually just listed off everything else like the book like the videos like the awesome podcast. Smoking confessions now available on podcast outlets everywhere. I might be here all day. Yeah I'm I'm I'm a bit of annoyed Al and my family of are all early birds so I get all this big chunk of time every night to myself and there are a lot worse things than I could do that then than sit there and build a barbecue website so Yeah I'm not even mentioning the awesome stuff that you can get at smoking. Huck OFFICIAL DOT com all the t shirts the have the cups that the whole nine yards got beanies coming the other day to there. You go the beanies I saw you where when the other day when you were going ahead and hosting your game show which is quite fun quite amusing. Hopefully everybody will check it out. But enough of the plug. My friend your always experience. I remember when you start off a website. Now you're an experience known as smoking occupation but you and I do have some fond memories and you're someone that I really wanted to go ahead and ask because you've got such great interest in Star Wars as I do and I want to go ahead and say his fortieth anniversary of probably the best film in the series and that's the empire strikes back. It's so universally loved as the best of the bunch before I go into mind. What are your memories of Star Wars? The empire strikes back. Look I I just turned forty last year so I didn't see it until a couple years later but I do remember J. as being one of the first films that I saw in the cinema around eighty-three I remember going and seeing that.

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