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Plant will help small businesses, noting that hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost in the state due to the pandemic. 300,000 Pennsylvania's lost jobs 300,000 and Teller County alone just in 2020 19,000 visit to Smith flooring binds first stop on what will be a cross country road show to spotlight different aspects of his plan. Vice president Commonly. Harris, meanwhile, reinforced the small business theme with an appearance of the Business Roundtable in Denver, Colorado. Mississippi now says it will allow anyone living or working in the state older than 16 to make Corona virus vaccine appointments. Kobe Advance of Mississippi Public Broadcasting is more thousands of younger Mississippians are going online today the schedule their first dose of a Corona virus vaccine. State previously had opened eligibility to residents age 50 and older. A man has now waned and Governor Tate Reeves is expanding vaccine availability could film or open appointment slots. Dr. Jennifer Bryan is with the Mississippi State Medical Association. We're grateful that we're ahead of the country and explaining this access to everyone, So you know, we've seen a huge demand for the vaccines. But as I rolled through the phases, and as we're able to, they've been able to open it up more more more. Nearly 600,000 Mississippians have received at least one dose of the vaccine for NPR news. I'm Coby Vance in Jackson, Mississippi. As federal seen local health experts work to return as many students to the classroom is possible. They're examining the previous guidance is said students should be kept six FT apart. Mid new evidence that may be safe to see students closer together. Number of states are reexamining that states including Illinois, Indiana message in Massachusetts or allowing three FT of distancing. On Wall Street today, a mixed close the Dow down 127 points the NASDAQ Up 11 points. This is NPR. 37 degrees at 604. I'm elbow. Laura With WB. Easy news. The University of Illinois system plans to offer the majority of his classes in person and it's three universities Next fall. WB Easy's Adrianna Cardona Maggie God has more More than 90,000. Students this year have been taking a hybrid mixed off in person and online classes soon after the pandemic hit, or Obama campaign established, saliva based testing, which has helped maintain the infection rates now that vaccination rates are up in infection rates are down the system hopes instruction will be mostly in person next fall. Robin Kaler is with the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Person made very clear they want to be in the classroom. You know what we have all of our facility managers in the process now saying, using every available space, we can find other schools planning 14 person instruction this fall include the pole in northwestern Adrianna Cardamom, a Giga WBC news. We know more now about what's behind the deaths of numerous fish that have been found floating dead and ponds and lagoons in Chicago parks. Biologist blame the extreme weather changes in recent months. Mix of cold temperatures and heavy snowfall in February, then warmer temperatures this month reduced.

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