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Nigel. Jason hammer over there. NBA drafts for NFL draft. I think more people get into the NFL draft just because the NFL's king, the NFL's the biggest sport in America, they've moved their draft to a multi night, like extravaganza. I don't think you're gonna see an NBA draft in the city with the thousands of people in the street that you saw Nashville like with the NFL draft. But the NBA draft is a big deal. And there's a lot of rumors going around tonight about what the Indiana Pacers may do and joining us now on the hotline to talk about that, from ten seventy the fan, our pal. Kevin Bowen k b I'm seeing a lot of chatter about miles Turner. What's the latest? Yeah. You know. Hammer again, VIN or moving vile, turn from the fourth overall pet, and ultimately, I don't think it'll happen. Something that you really take a long long look at if you're Kevin richer. Tradeable asset than you wrote them. We have tradeable answer to that couple hours because, you know, role, and then totally healing, I think to, to most people considering you have the draft here tonight. So. I'm not sold on out democracy. Bona pointy Gabar down the road. And I think if you really like the one that in the top five, I think you look really, really hard and moving one of your young guys sewn. The big rumor is that New Orleans the pelicans who currently have the number one pick. I believe they're offering the four to the Pacers from miles Turner. Is that correct? From the Lakers for Anthony Davis. Okay. So the Pacers in theory would have the fourth pick, and they keep the eighteenth pick as well or that go to New Orleans. So that would be that would be, you know. Table that they want the eighteenth and Myles Turner, it would be okay if you do Turner. Data that drought of garland point yard from Vanderbilt. Now, Gary Arlen new point guard at the poor girl depot, obviously coming back from injury shooting guard re-signed boy, on either small board going, you're studying Santer, then you have over fifty million free agency. You go out by the power forward. You find a couple bench. And I think this team had a fire often to feeling than it does in may. Create is going to offer all your answers. I mean we know cool well in this market. Don't come to Indiana. Maybe don't you? All trades. Whether that turnover component weather just the pick all of them. I think you really, really have to answer any mole that, that come your way over the next couple hours. Kevin bone of ten seventy the fan. Joining us the NBA draft is tonight, the pacer sitting with the eighteenth pick. But there's a lot of rumors going around that they are open for some wheeling and dealing KB sports gambling will become later legal in the state later on this year. So if you had to bet some money right now and push it all into the center of the table to the Pacers make a move tonight. Or do they stay at eighteen? Boy on Amer. I think they probably would, but I think it's really, really close to a point. Remember, just a couple of years ago they had the twentieth fit. They traded it fatty of Yang. I would be okay with something like that. You know, creating you're eighteen veteran at that, that can come in and pull your starting lineup but I'm gonna I'm gonna be a little bit educated. Yes, I guess that they stayed at eighteen and make a pick shooting is the route you go. And I also think Romeo per on the board that, that, that the main, you also need to keep in mind because I do the high healing there. When you tell the end you don't get that with a lot of people. So that's, that's who the if they stayed eighteen you think they'll pick early Lang for that. I you. I don't know. No, I don't not you'll the city of new Albany, probably can't show. But I, I wouldn't go with a more shooter, more to guard laying sort of that, that probably the route that, that I would go, but it bro mood Laird eighteen. They got another collection as well. What about Carson Edwards, Purdue now that's not probably a guy that's going to go at eighteen but at the same time, this is a guy that can certainly fill role in the NBA God that could come off the bench and provide shooting. And as you said earlier shooting a need for the Pacers. Yeah, it is. And I think we're Edwardsville road just a little awkward spot to say they not good with number fifty overall. So I got two words ears name, call the perch around. I think he should. Here's name all the first round that I think going to be more middle. Twenties. A lot of March out the goal defeat warriors taking hand me talk about greater Pitt being the backup. Steph curry. Coin cook will will move on breeding. Tito, think live a really nice on some playoff here. Two hours. Okay. So K B, two minutes ago from Adrian Wilburn rouse skis official Twitter account with the blow checkmark of the man behind the wo- JR. Bombs Indiana has traded for Phoenix TJ Warren, according to ESPN now. I have no other information on this who was involved in this. This was two minutes ago from whoa ESPN Indiana has traded for Phoenix's TJ, Warren. Do you have any other Intel insight on this deal? Okay..

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