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He's never seen before they're going to be able to disguise some things and trick him and show him in this lead him in ways that you can't do to a guy that's in his ten year. He's in. For all intents and purposes the second year of his NFL career, and he's a borderline VP Canada. Or at least he was until Sunday night in Chicago. Everybody needs to take deep breath. They do need take take a deep breath. But I can see where the worries come from only in the sense that this is an eleven win team. But they've they've got vulnerabilities. I mean, their their defense is not lights out. They've str-. They have struggled against the run two years in a row, you know, the period where keep to leave was out. You saw the secondary. Not look quite as deep as it seemed, you know at the beginning of the season. And you know, Jared Goff is a good quarterback. But he's not a proven quarterback. Yeah. And like this is not a proven team when it comes to the playoffs. You know, they've been there one time they lost. I think a lot of that was jitters a lot of just experiencing it all the same time, including by the way, Sean McVeigh John McVay had never experienced the playoffs as a head coach. But that's where the concern. I think from fans would come in is just there's no template. You don't know what this team looks like in the playoffs because you just haven't seen it EMC enough sample size with this guy with his team as a group period. It's the last box that Sean McVay Jared Goff in really the entire Rams organization needs to check they checked. The we've got good players. They've checked the will pay people. They'll say they've checked we can win on the road against a good team. They've checked a were behind in the fourth quarter. And can you drive on the field and get a score? And you have to have it. They've done all the one thing. They haven't done is playoff stuff. And you can only do that by getting in. And they're they're in again. So we'll see how go I mean. But that's what matters though. Of course, it is. Of course, it is. But the one part of the your about that their defense is you have to separate the two separate categories. You have to separate it into with to leave and without in with him the forgives they've played with him. They've given zero thirteen fifteen and sixteen. Okay. And I understand rate. Cardinals are in that mix. But those are the four games they've played with him the other games without him. They've given up a ton of points a ton of yards with to leave. They're very very different. So we'll see it again this weekend. I almost think you have to have two separate categories with him in without one is what they look like with two Leib against a good offense the against a really good offense. How good can they be? You're not gonna see it until the playoffs because that's not Philly. That's certainly not Arizona air. And so you're you'll see I mean, you're talking about Seattle or Dallas those that's who you play. If you're the one it's Seattle or Dallas, depending on how the other one goes. But Green Bay Minnesota. And Chicago those are the other options that you're going to be looking at. None of the maybe Seattle has a great offense. But the rest dodgers in the hunt land, Bryce Harper. But to they already have a cheaper version. Updated poll results how we doing well earlier it was tied while actually the pull the question was best SNL stance. Had tonight live if you don't know skit or movie skit to a movie, right? Yeah. Whatever just let him do is thing. They know it is skit turn in a movie. Okay. Limited characters a night at the Roxbury was one Wayne's world coat cone heads and blues brother's. Earlier Wayne's world and cone head were tied. But now Wayne's world has pulled away a little bit forty-two percent blues. Brothers with thirty one percent of a night at the Roxbury gets twenty three percent Christian. I keep hitting a retreat. Voted hone his four percent. I'm surprised it's that high Conan who's voting for cone head. Yeah. Well, well, look, maybe someone with the head shaped like yours. Own half. Those personal attack. It was unhappy felt nauseous was it was personal rouses. Paul brought to you by Buffalo Wild Wings. Wings. Beer. Sports cone heads was not just not the right choice here..

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