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Listen to the National League division series on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. Chris berman. Rick Sutcliffe bottom of the eighth here in Los Angeles, three long balls dodgers. And Jin Ryu masterful on the mound seven innings. No runs for his eight strikeouts. The dodgers got a leadoff Homer in the bottom of the first from John Peterson. They get a three run Homer with two out rally that started with two out on Munshi at three run Homer Kika Hernandez who they homerun also with two out in the sixth inning. Braves have used one two three four five. Now six pitchers. Stepping into Cody Bellinger, the lefty to fac- right handed reliever. Chad. Chad Subotica, and he takes a strike call and that needs a nickname. But Chad Sabaki, I'm I'm I'm obviously not in midseason form. I think two beers are necessary for the game. Okay. And I know you'll have them for me quickly shot and swung on amidst Bellinger. But he's yet another one that throws what ninety five or more. Right. I mean, I think you can hear that. Yes. I really I mean that I won the glove just had a different sound than it has with pretty much. Anybody else out there tonight? I know Fulton David sows as hard as anybody. But this just this. Just sounds heavy Owen too. That was a heavy but inside fastball. You know, what one plus and.

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