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Get all of that update here in just a minute. So Serena sure you saw over the weekend is blaming sexism on her loss in the women's singles champion. Championship brother at the US open. And this was on Saturday. I find it hard to believe that a woman of her stature someone who has played this game as long as she has. I cannot believe she's blaming it on sexism. This is just ridiculous. Did you see your smasher racket? Did you see her throwing a tantrum? Did you see your demanding apology from the referee? Carlos ramos. You know, the saddest part of this is Naomi Osaka. She's the winner. She was a twenty seat she topped. Serena Williams in straight sets in the final at Arthur Ashe stadium there, and there were all kinds of altercations with Carlos Ramos, the empire the violations, by the way, totaled seventeen grand. And you think wow, she's got pay seventeen thousand. Well. It's coming out of this. The first loser prize, which would be second place, which would be the runner up, which is one point eight million dollars. She's getting for losing. So the seventeen grants coming out of there. So boo Hoo. Here is Naomi Osaka. She's emotional talking about explaining what it's like to play one of her idols, by the way, Serena's one of her idols after she defeated. Serena Williams to win the US open, and it's Naomi cut one. Josh, I know that this like she really wants to have the twenty four th grandson, right? Everyone knows this. It's on the commercials. It's everywhere. And. Like. When I step onto the court. I feel like a different person. Right. I'm not a fan. I'm just a tennis player playing tennis player. But then when I heard care. Anyways,.

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