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Our radio station am let's get back into the story here guys delivering pizzas to an army base and then the next thing you know he's being thrown out of the country oh boy ability sends yo says he was detained by military officers and one called is since then he has not seen his family in one day you life change now along with two kids i have to be the support noli economic support emotional support though he has no criminal record villavicenzio did come to the us from ecuador illegally in two thousand eight in two thousand ten according to is he was granted voluntary departure and was to leave the country by july of that same year he never did but his wife says they filed a petition challenging that order the two married five years ago and just this year he applied for his green card so if he's got two kids with her and i'm assuming they were married when they had the kids then he's got two kids that are both under five years old makes mathematical sense right every time that he called he just crying asking me about them that he's very worried what what is gonna happen with us now we did of course check in with the us army as well as public affairs officials here at the port hamilton army base for comment on our story but did not receive any call backs as of yet now it is important to know to couple of things one we did receive a statement from local state senator martin golden he had says that he is amending the officers who turned in villa vincenzo here and while we've been here since this morning we have actually noted a few delivery folks coming through to the army base in typically what they would do that as they've said have gone to the security gates it seems they may have adjusted that policy i don't know.

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