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Traffic weather and depth perspective KFBK morning news with Kristina Mendoza and Sam Shane continues on news ninety three point one K. O. P. K. the president is creating a new branch the United States military space force which mark will run I don't think it'll be the most cataclysmic failure in the short history space force so if you're interested in space movies programming we've offered it up for you all morning long in light of by SpaceX supposed to launch a one thirty our time by the way this afternoon and that is what that's called space space forces coming out on Netflix in the next few days and Steve Carell John Malkovich the the print people who produce the office okay so you would think I mean home rock right I would think of the mean office is awesome it's been hand rails down but even before it comes out I'm still going to watch it but it's going to it's being panned right now they said it's just not not god they said failure to launch is is how Rolling Stone well I'll critics looked at all have you know that our executive producer Jensen picked that audio clip and said she couldn't get enough of the trailer okay she she liked the trailer well she's the office fans that's true yeah so we'll we'll see we'll see I I'm I'm I'm hopeful what time do the critics will say one thing and you'll watch it no that wasn't half bad omen rotten tomatoes comes out and is it a ninety something yeah exactly right off the road I go let's get out to a Mister Brian noble's although look another server okay great this report is right by Caltrans I. five HOV project right now about the only issue we have going on is on south on highway ninety nine if you call it an issue did have a report of a car fire on southbound ninety nine at grant line road last we heard elk Grove PD was responding to that speed sensors aren't showing any delays in that spot starting may twenty ninth through June first on and off ramps will be closed along I. five assume this Boulevard and Richards Boulevard text fixed sack five two five eight six three two or four project alerts or visit fixed sack five dot com for more details traffic on the tens every ten minutes mornings and afternoons Ryan nobles news ninety three point one K. F. E. K. all right it's going to be a hot one today hot with a high near one hundred four degrees and then clear tonight with a low in the mid sixties tomorrow setting a hot again a high near one oh two and then Friday will cool down a little bit will be in the.

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