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And ninety cents below that current price and. I know you said you found this company when doing research on bees? But seems like this industry is kinda overpriced. Now, I love visa and MasterCard. I think they are great businesses, but they're just way too pricey right now. And we we actually have a thing that we show people that come in and potential clients a chart that goes back with one hundred and eighteen seventy from Nobel prize winner, Robert Schiller showing that over history. It never makes sense to overpay for a company. So that's why they had to say stay away. All right. Okay. Thank you very much. Thank you. Mike have a good one. Bye. All right. Yeah. Chaso important. I mean, we've talked about this over and over again doesn't mean next week. We'll be right. But when you overpaid for businesses consistently you will get burned over time. And the thing that people often confuse is because just because we say don't buy the stock that doesn't mean as a bad business. I mean, kind of jumping ahead here. But it looks like our next caller wants to talk about apple. And we said apple at two twenty five great business. Just overpriced. Yeah. That's what happens over the course of history is you're going to have these businesses that that you get all emotional about and the stocks become way way too expensive. Again, they're going to be a good business. They could still grow their sales and earnings breath. They don't grow at the rate that Wall Street's expecting that stock price is going to have big big problems. I can Ford so you have to sometimes distinguish the stock price from the business you have to evaluate. What is that company really worth? And has that stock price trading below that company is truly worth right? And also do I mean, we're talking about Sears JC Penney. He's coming been holding on for years, and we said before stay away from but it takes years for this to happen. I mean, one thing I would love to tell we've we've got a new numbers in for the last ten years where portfolio let area I don't think. I can't. So I'm not gonna risk it again, very proud of those numbers. And again, it takes time to build that numbers. It takes time to actually be patient to do that. But stay away from these high flyers and do not overpay for anything. I think there's a. Saying from Warren Buffett or somebody something about overpaying. I maybe we'll think about during the break down time for a out when we come back. We got let's see his Paulin Escondido Jim in San Diego. Richard in point. Loma you and call phone number one eight hundred seven six zero k f m b that's one eight hundred seven six zero five three six two. You are listening. Smartvestor your Brennan chase on AM seven sixty cave and be.

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