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You've made an excellent case for don't look up over the last couple of weeks, so I'll put don't look up. Number 5, west side story I'm putting number 6, but I'm actually looking to see that surge once it starts streaming. Then I'm going to do because I love you and admire you. Licorice pizzas is going to go next. And then I'm going to put, I'm going to put do in which used to be so much higher on my list, but we're going to talk about what happened to the dune surge. And then king Richard the nightmare alley. I really did enjoy ally, honestly. It's very good. It does feel like it came in at number ten and will probably stay at number ten over the course of the next few weeks. But this is interesting what you've done because you make a very strong case for coda. I still don't think koda can win, but if it does win, I think that would be very exciting in some ways. Drive my cars coming to HBO Max on March 2nd as well. So Mark second is a big day. Many people can see west side story and drive my car in a mega 5 and a half hour double bill of film watching. I encourage everyone to do that if they haven't had a chance to see those movies. Yeah. I think this is close to right. Now I think there's a world in which don't look up finishes like 9th because it is so divisive. And the reason that the code case is so strong, I think, to your point, is this is ranked choice voting. And I have not met anyone who's watched koda who said, that movie sucked. No one has said that to me about koda. They've certainly said it about don't look up, they've certainly said it about nightmare alley. You know, some have said it about licorice pizza. That has been a very divisive movie. Some people have even said king Richard is too by the numbers. You know that it is two formulaic to be worthy of this award. Some people have said Belfast is a Roma carbon copy, and so it's not worthy of this conversation. Some people have said The Power of the Dog is really boring. And I didn't want to wait until the end to find out what was really going to happen. Some people have said west side story is a bland remake of a film that we saw 60 years ago. Not saying I said any of these things, but the cases are very strong. The case against drive my car is very clear, either I haven't seen it, which is true for most people, or it's a three hour Japanese film, and so for many viewers it will be impenetrable candidly. Coda doesn't have that. Code is a down the middle, 105 minute movie, the features beautiful singing and a family, learning to love each other even more deeply. So that's not that complicated. Yeah, and I mean, I think that, I mean, I know that you guys have talked about this over the last years, a few years, but ranked voting is such an interesting math game. And yeah, you have to think of it as like, what's the thing that people are the least likely to vote against? And so, you know, again, koda code a supremacy here. So interesting. It would be, wouldn't that be wouldn't that be exciting though? I mean, Jane campaign is going to get her much deserved Oscar..

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