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Peca CHU is what kind of fictional creature which celebrity has the catchphrase. That's. Ciara is married to which football star. Rodney peete. Which which music star has the nickname Instagram handle. Champagne papi. I have no idea CR is Mary. So sorry. You didn't get those. All correct, thus did not win the tickets to see the big fat movie. But you can try again on Monday. We do it every day on the coming and Bradley show on mytalk one zero seven one. Okay. Let's say answer those questions that she did not get correct Ciara is married to Russell Wilson, Bradley. I no, no Sierra. You don't know. See? I mean, I'm sure I do. But you know, I have I have issues. A missed. No. If you played her song is musician. She's a Seizinger Rb singer. A song. I might like she's like a like this love this generation's not gonna say that. I was gonna say she's like this generation's, Janet. But she's not as a powerhouse was she just on the billboard. Yeah. That's here. The remissed. I'd missed Sierra. Okay. With music star has the nickname and Instagram handle. Champagne papi. Thank you. And now that we've answered all of those questions we can move on to do some salsa mysteries. And we do that the form of blind items that Holly has brought for us in this segment. We call blinded by the item..

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