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And now they brought in them The muddle head. Yeah, I know. And it's just slivers. You know, each president wins by just a few points. You know, 90% of public places rigid, You know that I can't stand when? When commentators of politicians go Well, America has decided American in decide anything. It's a 50 50 country, sometimes in tips, you know 15.5 to 49 a half one way or the other. But it it it's it's and it's always going to be a 50 50 country. All this talking about that I were going to be, you know, unified where I'm going to try to unite the countries like nobody wants to be unified. I don't want to be unified with people who want to be socialists. I've no interest in, you know, and then they don't want to unify with May Stop. It's gotta just depends. Who puts on Ah, better campaign by Trump. If he wasn't so erratic and undisciplined he would've won. Well, did anybody definition of unify his capitulate? Exactly? Yes, to go our way that we're going to drag you in unifying. That's right. It means that if if I sell a stock, I have to pay 40% tax instead of 20. That's their idea of being unified. Now that the income tax rate in California but 62% If the feds and Newsom get their way, 62. That's their idea of unification. I people have to pay almost two thirds of their income. Get out of here with your unity. Unification. We got more coming up. Shining Kan KO Phi Debra Market, Jeffrey Toobin has been fired by The New Yorker after he exposed himself during a zoom call Santa Cruz board. The Santa Cruz Beach boardwalk is closed again because of a rise in covert 19 cases. The boardwalk.

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