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Or social media doesn't mean you have to try it yourself right now. Let me see the next big Instagram trend. I guess you want to call it that it's called the koala challenge isn't beer, it requires two people, and you have to be in really good shape to pull this off. Otherwise, there's a really good chance. You'll break your neck. Oh my God. So the way it works as basically one person just stands there. While the other person climbs all over them like a koala climbing a tree. So it helps if the koala Persson is like petite the tree person has super strong legs. Yeah. If you know what he couples where it's like a gigantic guy and a teeny tiny girlfriend. They could probably pull off the koala challenge. So the koala person starts off kind of hugging you front ways like wrapped around you. Remember, you're standing up, so they have their legs wrapped in their arms around you, then without touching the ground. They have to climb the hallway around your torso. So magic climbing around a tree. And then they have to go up over your shoulders down back through your legs. And then ended up hanging in the same position as they started. That is the koala Jalen, and it's very hard for the person who's the quality do it. But it's even harder for the person who has to just stand there. Like, I said if you can't support another person. With your legs like that. They said you could end up pulling your back out or breaking your neck. So there's no chance you and shaggy would do it. I'd be the climber. I'll film it. Got it. Not gonna do it. But right now, if you like if you wanna see what it looks like when it's done, right? Text the word. Wow. Two seven five seven one four. It was going to put everybody would misspell koala text the word. Wow. Two seven five seven one. If you want to see what the koala challenge, look like when it's done. Right. And then you by the way, again, I'm going to stress this these people do it you make it look easy. It's not easy. And it's very dangerous. If you don't think you can do it. Okay. Maybe do with your kids. Yeah. Kids. Make maybe when we come back. We've got war of the roses for you. And meet the girl who sold her virginity online. And the reason why she did it is the worst part of all..

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