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Eighty five percent of married men who cheat never actually wind up getting a divorce from their wife which means if you're the other woman the side piece or whatever in a relationship he's never going to lee did a good chance he never will cost it will break right his financial situation oh yeah absolutely yeah so it but being put in the position where you have to cover for them or it wouldn't let me get that phone call hey can you would you mind you know in case my guy calls tell him that you know i'm staying over there tonight i wanna go out with you about a block it really puts you in a weird position outlined in his there's other funny about it now fine and a dispute island i wouldn't do it i would never cover for some and for that no i don't think i would not away your best friend nope come on i don't care to be a stupid trap on that now i'm daniel would if it was me now one of our said look would you please just say that i was out to dinner with your last night nope i'm on your abs ally doing he's not going to say that stepping stupid okay you never know did on count on anyone tough one planting some thinking you know no it's just you know cheating is just it it's a it takes a lot of work anyway i'm very sure but to bring other people into your you're out you're you're evil plot yeah no hello jerry like guys will do it though i i think like a guy will live for another guy before woman with absolutely a scare you'll do for you ask him hello june for more info call eight eight what's going on june arm primary are upholding a married guy or she asked the night before my wedding if she could bring 'em dry wedding and i no cited martha at my wedding rush who shows up with him anyway i didn't have any way to see them so.

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