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Of years off your goal has been chasing mainly kind looks to hate the game. Jet Has been coming off the back of the fall over fences Franklin deport with fung. The last day stepped up in grays raise on big blue's coming from Australia. So just keep it simple and things to do what you just said what price you think. I'd be surprised as if she's not odds-on I said I haven't priced about property. I'd be surprised if she smashed or SPI. Okay did you go on with the boy says Ajay completely late agree. I think stormy islands the obvious one son places the one. I'm most looking forward to seeing. I think had an argument with Dj back in the day whether he should be going champion. Hurdle of stay as we by the way was very good and weren't sure which way you'd go. Maybe the twenty nine th twenty twenty launched on land was the target all along. It wouldn't pass them the right to ten nights. It's the Nice racecourse business club novice chase. I would three miles and one of the Cheltenham Festival. Favorites runs carefully selected selected. Who is the for what we used to call the four mile but we now call the three mile six furlong up against ellwood foresman Ronald Pumps schmo foam spyglass hill? Frank anything that's a caffey carefully selected hit. What Rodman going right this year? I obviously was leans factors Uri and the trend more he'd be maybe a small danger up. I think the danger is the fences for carefree. I think anyone who's longing for the national hunt chase. We're just want him to get around. The first four qualifies and have no messing I noise and the other one injury but with the new conditions of the race he needs to finish the first four for over a trip of two months seven I think are further qualify. I'm once he does fast. I'd be full steam ahead for the National Chase. I think can take a beating not just on Sunday post in that racism. Just tell us what's going on because flames POPs up in entries for that as well as what's going on here. Yeah see this is this is. This is really interesting because obviously the the conditions for the National Hunt Change this change and I think this is a screaming being loud and clear day fanciers national on Jay's because to a couple of days ago and win a race and then to be entered in a great tree straight eight away after and I think what they're doing basically is encased. This horse has happened mistake on seats. Ponant it's obviously not qualified for the race and there's a rate there's only one more chance after that and that's ten but navin so urinate options for dis raises over two months especially when you WANNA beginner interstates. There's no water options so he's only got this race in the race at Navan so he literally had to come here and then obviously build them up for Cheltenham Yeah. He's going to take a lot of beaten with rain. I think think funny is going to ruin in their flow gas as Atlanta percent. Maximum does to modify. Obviously that means he wouldn't be qualified for the race. A chat on the national hunt chase. But I think he's going to go from novice. Chat limped spoke to Patrick during the week and that was the way he was talking. That would go for rates percent on that carefully selected would run here and he. He can't wait to write this arts and the national hunt chase. Okay Jimmy what. You might carefully selected win this and then potentially GonNa win at Cheltenham. Yeah absolutely that would be the one of the moment when it doesn't look like there's anything else you'd be worried about. Okay jolly good. Thank you very much indeed chaps. We're back on Monday to review the action. We've got football on Thursday and then we're back next Friday looking ahead so I really really special weekend. Is the Dublin Racing Festival two days of absolutely superb action and we will have all the tips and all the best bet for that so hopefully you can join us for that. In the meantime have a good weekend bet responsibly. And thanks.

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