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Carrier moms morning for valentine's day oh you know what man i i've had to deal with enough is yours talk about the empty aa let me pay you guys a picture sitting in the training room as a twenty year old sophomore junior and college in the morning and all of a sudden hearing that porn tracked music play when mike mike is up on the screen because your dad's talking about hillary yes for life i'm you've got unbelievable everyone just piling on today so yeah that's been my life for a while and dads felt the need throat directly in my face today a real happy valentine's day around do you have any plans go do i want to make sure you're not alone because i i think fits can come snuggle you y'all know looked at i this pistons offer multiple times already husband goals it has been a hard path he's going to have to hold out as air mattress by himself for tonight i call big spooned you can fall monument around him and colleagues e r five seven mike we've received the diamond they're trying out of this thanks for having me guys fantastic stuff for mike shameless plug by the way in the morning i will be hanging out with with all the gullikson of a bunch of gullikson's i'll be in uh portray again ongo like a wind go in the morning so i'll continue to see if i can make junior uncomfortable there speaking a threeyear valentine's day we've got an alarming stat on what some of you guys are going to do for yourself on this fantastic day of love will tell you next spain and fits on espn radio in the espn app spain and fits in spain and fits on espn radio and the espn app she serves spain i'm jason fits.

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