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Run here. The stories we're working on today, President Trump is clearing his schedule after testing positive for the Corona virus. The president tweeted just after midnight the hand first lady Melania Trump had both tested positive and we're entering quarantine Trump tweeted. They will get through this together. Trump's events scheduled for today, including a campaign rally in Florida are all called off. Trump is expected to continue his presidential duties while in quarantine at the White House. The CDC guidelines say President Trump is at risk of severe illness from Cove in 19 because of his age and weight, NBC News reporter Hallie Jackson said the White House is aware of the risk the president, as you say, is in his seventies. He is part of a risk group here. This is incredibly serious. Meanwhile, President Trump's doctor, says Trump as well as the first lady. Are well after testing positive, White House physician Sean Conley said in a statement. The White House medical team is keeping watch or the president's health. In other news, A man is dead, another injured in a shooting in Providence last night. Police say it happened in the area of Warm Street and Douglas Avenue at around 8 P.m.. The driver died in route to the hospital. A passenger was seriously injured. No arrests have been made. Rhode Island governor Genera Mondo sister Marianne Raimondo is criticizing a plan to close buildings that Eleanor Slater hospital. Marianne is a professor at Rhode Island College who leads the Colleges Institute for Education and Health Care. She sent a letter to the General Assembly's House Finance Committee this week, which expressed concern about the closure of the two buildings will have on the long term psychiatric patients and those on ventilators who are housed there. Providence is extending its two hour free parking program through the end of the year to help restaurants and local retail dealing with the pandemic. The free parking and designated commercial districts will be an effect daily from 10 AM to nine PM The House is passing a massive corona virus stimulus package. The $2.2 trillion measure passed mostly on party lines. House Democrats went forward with the bill. Despite failing to come to a bipartisan agreement with the Trump administration. The measure is unlikely to make it through the Republican led Senate. A wildfire raging in Northern California has grown to more than 58,000 acres. The glass fire and Napa and Sonoma County's is expected to remain active as a red flag warning goes into effect across the region. Firefighters are battling strong northwesterly winds, the near record heat and with very low humidity. The wildfire is just 5% contained. Meanwhile, California Governor Gavin Newsom yesterday discussed the need to increase the state's ranks of full time firefighters. But we did this year and $80 million additional commitment to increase the number of firefighters that are full time equivalent. Firefighters, So we are at ranks we haven't been in decades. He made the comments while serving the damage of the glass fire in Santa Rosa, which has burned more than 48,000 acres. The annual Jack O lantern Spectacular, kicked off last night and runs through November 1st at Roger Williams Park Zoo Because of the pandemic, rather than walking, visitors will be able to view the display of thousands of carved pumpkins from their vehicles..

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