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For what i think the apologies got to work the other way i don't think steve bartman has anymore he needs to give to that franchise that fan base that city ari in illinois you're on the ryan rasul showing came what's up man i just want to say first of all that i'm a huge fan um and i watch you all the time i take everything so i appreciate you take a time take my call he them i just wanted to say uh what jamal adams and regards to what you said i've been a bears fan not entire like i just want to say there's two players that come to my i'm that are even remotely giving it their all that charles tillman at ryan or lacquered i would've loved to have somebody like him go out there and say that and show how much they care not only about winning but about giving their all every time that the up let me tell you sorry i've sat identity is pierre now for two years i appreciate the compliment by the way um so most of the time i've been in one or two places i've been on the set of first take our i've been in this studio with ryan resula and we have what's called carwashes he probably heard the term thrown around austin we just had one with michael chain colin jost as in a weekend update guys coming through athletes often make the trip through bristol and do the car wash you meet these guys i've net jarvis landry impressive guy i had net i can't remember all the names gate that josh mccown very impressive guy the most impressive guy in my two years that i have been sitting here is jamal adams absolutely the number one most impressive guy guys did did i hear ryan say the he said adams is too for him right yup number one was and fox de'aaron fox most impressive guy to.

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