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Some black west virginians or voicing disappointment and anger over democratic. Senator joe manchin staunch opposition to the for the people's a bill that would overhaul voting procedures nationwide. The legislation would expand voting access restore portions of the voting rights act and boost transparency for political donations. Mansion is the only senate democrat. Who hasn't cosponsored the bill campbell. County resident jennifer welles with community change action says mansions decision feels like a slap in the face and says the black vote pushed mansion into office in two thousand eighteen. He would not be an office. If black people did not go to the polls in his reelection campaigns we showed up. We weren't always happy with him or his decisions. He makes it a federal level so we showed up because we understood the threat earlier this week mansion met with nwa cpa and other civil rights leaders in what appeared to be a futile gathering mansion. Said while the conversation was quote constructive his stance on the bill remains unchanged arguing. There isn't enough. Gop support for the legislation and instead calling for the passage of the john lewis voting rights advancement act critics including many top democrats. Say the bill isn't a replacement for the sweeping reforms outlined in the for the people act. I'm nadia ramleh. Gone so chuck. Schumer says he plans to move forward with a vote on the bill. Suzanne reports now the developer the keystone excel pipeline announced wednesday in his point the plug on the controversial project after the vitamin ministration revoked his permit back in january. According to cnn tc energy. The canadian company behind the project said decided to terminate the project after a comprehensive review of its options and consulted with the government of alberto canada. Now to montana. Where are eric off. Port students were the subject of multiple pieces of legislation during this year's legislative session amara reese hansel program director for the voting advocacy. Nonprofit forward. montana says a number of those bills will restrict students ability to vote that includes a law that ends same day voter. Registration reese handle says election day can be the only time. Polling locations are open past regular business hours making it easier for students who have classes or work at odd hours to register and vote at the same time was really tough for young people and i think will continue to see the effects of this legislative session for decades to come supporters of ending. Same day voter. Registration say it makes elections more secure tribes and groups in the state are challenging the law in court one more law that students are concerned about allows for concealed carry of firearms who permit on college campuses. This is pianist. You're struggling with your mortgage. 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