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Okay, so you're a pretty You're pretty sharp guy. What do you think? The odds are that Mike Pence for doing that? Is given a profile in Courage Award by the Kennedy Library here in Boston. I'm I have no problem with what with my friends. He was loyal to what he did, but that's not my question. That's not my question, Mike. The problem is you don't want to answer my question. What? Well, you wouldn't have a problem, but that's not the question. What do you think the chances are that Mike Pence? Get a profile in Courage Award for the Kennedy Library. Up. If that's how it if that was how it was voted, then then, sure. Yeah, but see. Now you still doesn't answer the question. The answer. The question is swimming. None and slim may have just left out. He deserves a profile in Courage Award. If you read John Kennedy's book profiles in courage, It's exactly what he's talking about. Anyway. I gotta ride Mike is always enjoy your calls. Thanks. I gotta go. Thank you. My friend will be back. Six months. 7 to 5 14 30 Triple 8929 10 30. I will tell you we have two lines open But there the ladies line 617931 10 30 Ladies jump onboard here love to hear from you. It is Inauguration Eve. We're trying to build some bridges here trying to, at least if not build bridges, at least kind of get a little closer to people on different sides of this this great divide that we have in America coming back. Good night side. It's night side with Dan Ray. Hey, Dan, don't you BZ Boston's news radio. Finding great candidates, the higher Converium.

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