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Why are you talking about this but not talking about And it's like. I mean the reality is that didn't cross my mind. And that is you know. Whiteside is built into that yet. Just have a question why are you. Why do you have to know about this man. I've never heard of him until you brought him up because racism podcast. Yeah i guess that sort of thing. He is an la person. I believe or you know you heard of every bad man. I'm sorry. I don't know what this tweet said. But i'm annoyed on your behalf because the the idea that we know about every bad thing that's happening is fine. Yeah i it's. It's just a thing where i was like. Yeah needing well sort of this accusing me of being racist for being insufficiently covering this other. We're not the news. The other part of it is. I'm pretty sure. I did actually re tweet something about this. Whatever it's not. The news on twitter is sure as fuck not the news. Otherwise you've got to get rid of all of his garfield t off there. It also resorted to me better. Not be the news. Good god trouble. It was a very thing so but at the same time. Like i don't know i guess i'm sympathetic to this person. I find them annoying but and wrong in their focus but not wrong in their outrage. I guess doesn't weird place to be. I suppose that's just so weird anyway so you you mentioned the baby. You made a joke about him. I mean just the debate jokes were pretty fire this weekend and obviously there are bigger issues and there are homophobes everywhere. So do baby is rapper. He made a bunch of homophobic comments at rolling loud miami. I guess it's a festival or a thing He shouted a bunch of just re truly ignorant shit. I won't repeat on stage. And then instead of like he. He gave some backhanded fucking apology. Who's sorry i'm i'm a free person. You wanna be free just like me. Sorry i have offended. You're whatever so stupid. And then he got from a bunch. Shitty golf from austin city limits from lollapalooza And then he released a quote real apology. Saying i'm sorry to the lgbtq plus community. But but he's still couched it in like paragraphs of like social media just attacks you before you have a chance to learn and educate yourself and it's like bitch you trying to learn to educate yourself you literally said sorry i'm a free dude or whatever So lacey mosley had a great tweet. just said Do baby really hate fumbled bag.

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