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But they very much position him in the film rightfully like well. He's the first step you have to get you to become become like it's just like it's the easy one. Get that out of the way I James Corden Dan Carson Daley but in this marketing meeting. Everyone's uh-huh my God this. This album is going to be big fucking thing in the world because all of your sons are great Blah Blah Blah. We all in like one of these is planning but did you look for all of your album. Titles were show bad sergeant. Pepper's lonely hearts club the the white album diversity issues and Lido the fuck itself titled I mean all these old people are slapping. Their papery raised the audience. But the fact that the album titles and images that he wants to associate with them are held under such scrutiny. But the songs aren't the the diversity issues songs. There's issues with everything in those songs. The fucking seventeen year old line I get capacity. US Sixty whatever. Yeah Oh yeah. Five twenty nine teen. It's changed the lyric. Like I was waiting for more like the dude thing where he's just like so so it's a hey jude. It's hey dude because that was an ED sheeran suggestion. Yeah that's that's how Ed Sheeran would have contributed to the Beatles in this world. So does that mean. Hey Dude the NICKELODEON Laurean show doesn't exist. Look Greg How man. And then if that's the case whatever happened to Mr Ernst she goes well. She was just barely legal and did stuff. I'm sorry well great song. The the song lyrics are printed on a fucking IOS notepad note that's been turned into an instagram. Might as well be and yes. Yeah so the album will be called one man only which I guess sort of even more makes him feel guilty that he's taking credit for four. Men's were yeah. Yeah but they didn't but he didn't they didn't it didn't happen in this universe. I don't understand the guilt personally like because it's like I mean he's lying. That's a problem that John James Corden and like the what you have a dream when you're on James Corden that's called a nightmare. Yeah please so easy. It's J. Record is all like oh just by yourself. Are you sure because backstage. We have four men who say you are off their obscure the beetle. So the idea that the band the Beatles could've could've existed at and never got successful is an interesting idea that is not explored beyond this dream. Be Great if it was the four. 'cause later we do get Robert. Carlyle Carlisle as John Lennon. Get get the whole trainspotting crude by the Beatles. You Robert Carlyle John Lennon got four. Live in You and Bremner as Ringo you get I guess you'd get Jonny Lee Miller as Paul or would it be played. Paul McCartney Really League even McGregor's got more of the head for hats. It does who should be Georgia. Should Be Paul. McGregor Jonny Lee Miller in the court and nightmare by the way he only says McCartney and Starr and then they cut to a fucking dumb ass like shot of the audience and you just see to do just the legs the two of them walk out like it's fucking showdown at the OK corral and then they just cut away from it like. I'm sorry if if Robert Carlyle at the end of this movie movies playing seventy eight year old John Lennon which worth have two guys playing late Seventies Ringo and ask them to be in this weather wither absolutely. That was something I think. Well Georgia's Nadja. You don't want just John George or Paul and Ringo at honoring. Uh but yeah. I don't know I guess because you that's another like you get this once. Yeah so you can't have other actors doing that if you WanNa Save the Lenin Bank. Yeah but to your point about them playing themselves. I was wondering in this move while watching this movie. Like what like do the two of them even know this movie exists. Did I read that. The Danny Boyle got the blessing in quotation marks cleared rights on this thing very expensive fences more millions of dollars. Paul McCartney's a show. Why not be? What are the agenda in connection? Did he produced this film or something. I think it seems like it's a advantage project of. Here's the thing is like just. He's the example of like major mass. I mean because he he is. He's master that's like you know he was the second choice. Actually Oh really. What was the first choice? Chris Barton of cold play at that would actually make a little more sense. I wouldn't recognize who he is. No Ed Sheeran. Not Bigger than cold play having point probably not only one of them played a super bowl halftime show which I mean coldplay's hopeless put out like four humongous like platinum selling records. Thanks to a whole play around for list I I can think of like like Ed. SHEERAN's like Bruno Mars figure to me. Because I'm like I guess I yeah I mean I personally yeah. I'm sure they've done a song. We're we're not. It's not just a question about being too old. It's questioned about having taste and I apologize. Anyone listening likes music that I don't Ah yes so you has that nightmare. Then it's so. Yeah this is. He's in the studio. He's trying to finish the songs. This is the Ed Sheeran. Hey Dude he freaks out on everybody because he gets a phone call from Lily James to be like. Oh Hey you work on your album. That's cool just wanted to say I'm dating that Dude Gavin from that shitty recording things studio one hundred years ago I just discovered sex are realized that I don't have to ruin my life waiting for you to figure it out I'm a beautiful woman and whoops. Everyone was knocking on my door. Gavin Gavin. Unserious string bean so he decides like where we're going to have this record release party. This is pushing right to the end of the film. When are we going to? What are we going to do with his record? Release Party and he has has the idea will do it at this hotel by the sea that he and Lily James used to go to. We'll do it in the road famous Beatles Song About having.

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