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Thirty first nineteen one. You're clamoring up rocky slope on the south crest of blair mountain west virginia where you're leading a small company of fellow miners on a dawn control including your two sons. Even though you're seventy years old you still work part time in the minds. The rest of the time. You're pastor at your local church but a few days ago. You traded your caller for a red bandanna and blue jeans and joined the other miners marching on mingo county. You knew you couldn't sit on the sidelines any longer. This is too important. How much farther. We got reverend minor next us young enough to be your grandson. Just keep walking. Stay quiet. i can barely see thing with all this fog. How are we supposed to know when we get there. Just keep your voice down. Come on voice taylor to free the miners jailed in mingo county. I you must get past blair mountain in the coal company. Goons defending it. If you fail your cause could be lost. What was that you throw your hands up to stop your man from going any further. Who's air show yourself. Three men in overalls emerged from trees. They're armed with winchester rifles. Call back over your shoulder. Anyone recognize these men. I've never seen him before. It could be one of ours. Maybe the company that was searching the western side. only one way to find out fellas. You got the password. You statman realization dawning on them to. They're not ours. Boys defense deputies all right all at once the three deputies drop to the ground but one of your men has taken a bullet as he tried to flee the gunfire. One of the deputies must have fired his weapon as he fell helping. Lift him up. Put pressure on the wound. We've got to get back down the ridge before it's too late. The others hoist off the injured minor. And you rush back down through the trees. Suddenly the odds of getting across blair mountain see more unlikely than ever and the miners march on mingo county may be stopped for good with no fees or minimums on checking and savings accounts banking with capital. One like the easiest decision in the history of decisions kind of choosing to listen to another episode of your favorite podcast.

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