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With a high speed police chase and not getting in trouble for it. Well, there's an app for that. I can't believe maybe Schumer still running over there. So they throw it out to the Las Vegas speedway reporter sets the the new experience stimulating police. Pursuits of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Hector me. He is live there this morning to tell us all about Hector. Hey, they're good morning guys into to make this experience feel more real it involves former metro police officers and right now we're about to witness the beginning of a simulated high speed chase. So in this year, we have the police officers we turned over to the right that white car suspect vehicle. Let's go ahead and give them the signal. So they say. Pull the vehicle over now. And then he takes off in the police chase them. Okay. This sounds learned around being not for me for the right kind of adrenaline junkie. I think this sounds like it could be could be fun for somebody like you Kevin with really enjoy this being able to run from a police car with no repercussions. I mean, it is a closed course. So that sorta roads. Yeah. It's not like. You don't get to run through a fruit. Stand. It's a real car that you're driving. Isn't there? A possibility that you could go to fast and spin out and get hurt. Sure. Of course. Hold please..

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