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And farmers for whom a suit is just not part of the daily routine one company in tokyo washes thought the workforce in these sectors deserved a sartorial upgrade so it set out to design a suit that would be practical enough to where no matter what the profession it would look like a suit the slacks the collared buttondown shirt the jacket but one that would be water resistant stretchy and comfortable to wear and come with plenty of pockets and it had to be machine washable the person wearing the suit would be doing physical labor and sweating under sink in ricefield on a rubbish truck but should not end up looking to rumbled even better if he could wear it on a date after work this is how office came up with the work where suit it did so to solve a problem you see japan's population of young people is declining and it's getting hard for companies in blue collar industries to find new employees one of washes business is repairing water pipes in homes and apartments and it's not glamorous work why executives thought that having employs where sued would make the sector seems somehow more respectable more attractive to young people so the company has signed a three woman team to come up with a solution and in march wash employees started wearing a navy colored work where suit these implants were used to wearing a stiff cotton twelve shirt with large pockets and snap buttons and loosefitting pleaded cotton trousers dole newsdesk shuki by this when we first introduced the work west suit some employees were opposed to wearing body my stick that's i decide not coming head of washes style where the division in charge of developing the work where suit in those i get how did you say join you doc goodman disney the uniform they will before was easier they didn't have to think much about the parents of the have not seen as wasn't too concerned for them the wholesome to be more conscious of how they can duct themselves their parents those opposed to the suit felt it was too buff and up and there is continued for a month but ofter couple of months getting used to it and saying surprised positive reactions from customers most of our employees didn't want to go back to the old uniform stuck night so you go about how my team wearing a suit has made employs more self conscious they try harder to look good according to knuckle moda it's improved the quality of the company service and raise the profile of the brand in the past employs might have let their hair grow long or unruly now everyone shows up clean cut and some have even started wearing cologne there have been other benefits for the company the number of applications from first time job seekers has tripled and companies around the country have placed orders for the work where suit which cost around two hundred and thirty euros for their own employee's the inquiries heavy imported from overseas from china taiwan south korea and spain there's been so much interest in the work where suit that washes can't keep up with demand it's now likely to exceed its first year sales target of one hundred million japanese yen about seven hundred seventy thousand euros the company is already at work on three new colors in slightly different shapes and silhouettes which will be out in the fall it's also making progress on work shoes caps and gloves so that once sharp dividing line between white collar and blue collar workers that's blurring and all because this company thought that it's industry could use an image boost for monopole in tokyo kenji hall thanks kenji and you can hit more from kenji and mole own that sort of theme on moral on design of course our laser focus on design finding mission the website all wherever you get your podcast as curator monocle twenty four welcome back to the curator the best of the last week on multiple twenty four with me so much and marcus hit pay and mockus liked to alight on a particularly compelling topic and that is the just published monica guides to tells ins and hideaways which is out now on oh good bookshops and always week we have been rifling the pages for inspiration checking in something the sites and plumping up the pillows our first stop was the hotel sell her in vienna this imposing building just behind to the opera house has been hosting guests seems eighteen seven two six eight site there are one hundred and.

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